Yo-ho-ho and a Bottle of Rum for My Pirate Crew!

Mornin’, yer sea rats. First off, I heartily thank Cap’n Irina fer tagging me to build me own pirate crew! Irina’s blog, drunken anime, it’ll shiver yer timbers! Now, here be the rules o’ this ship, though “they’re more like guidelines.” 😉

– Display the My Pirate Crew and add “My Pirate Crew” as the tag.
– Thank the blogger who nominated you and share a link to their blog.
– Link back to the original post so Lynn Sheridan can check out everyone’s crews.
– Select seven anime characters and give them a position in the crew.
These are the positions you can fill: Warrior, Sniper, Chef, Doctor, Scientist, Navigator, Strategist, Mechanic, and Entertainer.
– Nominate 5-10 bloggers to participate
– (Optional) Use pirate-speak for your intro
– Sail the seas!

Cap’n Irina also used this here game to salute other mateys sailin’ the seas. I’ll be doin’ the same, flyin’ the flags of some bloody good blogs, givin’ them each a place on board. I added a new position, too! And hark, don’t take no offense if I assign ye to a role ya don’t like. Har, it’s all in fun! Comment and tell me if ya like yer positions or what you’d rather be! Ho! Now have some rum (or lemon juice t’keep off scurvy) and take a look at me crew!

Anime Crew Strategist: Satsuki Kiryuuin

Ok, dropping the pirate speak, my strategist would be this hot lady from Kill la Kill! Given her rebellious and nonforming character, I could see her working with pirates, though she’d want to be in charge. Satsuki is intelligent, logical, and strategic in the way she thinks and plans. She spent 12 years enduring the abuse and obeying the orders of her evil mother, all to rebel and stab her in the back at the ideal time. Sounds pirate-ish, no?

Anime Crew Warrior: Kiyomasa Senji

Yes, half of why I chose him is that he has an eyepatch. The other half was that he’s a kick-ass fighter who uses blood to form strong blades and fights! Senji is from Deadman Wonderland and was apparently popular enough that he got his own OVA after the series. I can think of other characters who would be fiercer warriors, but Senji is nothing to scoff at either, and his character is well-suited to be a pirate.

Anime Crew Chef: Rin Okumura

Rin is the main character in Blue Excorcist. He’s a son of Satan, who wants to destroy his father. Now there’s a spunky kid. And hey, this boy can cook! And even if it wasn’t the Blue Exorcist and son of Satan we were talking about, ship cooks have always been badass. Remember, Long John Silver was a ship’s cook before he became a Captain!

Anime Crew Sniper: Kogami Shinya

I don’t know, I wanted a character from Psycho-Pass, and one who wouldn’t have any qualms with being a pirate. Kogami is great at using hand-guns, knives, and Dominator guns, though I’m not sure how he’d do as a sniper. He’s (usually) cool-headed and logical, and he likes the feeling of “hunting,” so I think he’d be a good fit.

Anime Crew Doctor: Toshio Ozaki

The village doctor from Shiki is a fascinating person. He’s extremely violent and antagonistic toward enemies, but he’s endlessly dedicated to saving the lives of those he cares for! He’ll do anything for his patients, even slay vampires! I almost chose Kenzou Tenma for Doctor, but Toshio has more of a pirate temperament.

Anime Crew Navigator: Ginko

This ridiculously, all-around cool man is the main character of Mushishi! He’s smart, practical, a bit aloof, a creative thinker, an exorcist of Mushi, and a traveler. Since he always knows where he’s going and never gets lost, he’s great navigator material. I’m sure he’d also enjoy doing some trade on the seas and picking up rare items and mushi remedies.

Anime Crew Entertainer: Haruhi Fujioka

This popular girl is the main character of Ouran Highschool, and she may not seem like much of a pirate, but remember, she’ll do anything for “fancy tuna.” She might end up with pirates on a quest to find the fanciest tuna on the high seas. If she ends up in debt, Haruhi will do whatever it takes to pay it off, so maybe, she’s in debt to the pirates. She works as a host in the anime, so I think she would be a good entertainer.

—Blogger Pirate Crew—

Blogger Crew Strategist: Merlin

Ahoy, Merlin! You can be my strategist! This blogger friend of mine strikes me as very wise and mature. Good strategist material. Check out Merlin’s Musings! This blog covers a several forms of entertainment and not just anime.

Blogger Crew Warrior: DJ

DJ, I choose you to be the warrior because I see you fighting and trying your best! Support DJ’s blog here. Let me know if you want any advice about writing! I’m not a very experienced blogger, but I’ve been writing as a hobby for years!

Blogger Crew Chef: Mallow

I don’t know if you like cooking, Mallow, so do tell me if this fits! I just thought the image of a cheery, mischeivous, and cool character like John Silver sounded up your alley. Readers, take a look at Secluded Observations!

Blogger Crew Sniper: Scott

Of my blog friends, I think I’d want to have Scott as a sniper! Because he gets right to the point in the way he writes. He never misses the important things. Go take a look at the Mechanical Anime Reviews blog, everyone!

Blogger Crew Doctor: BiblioNyan!

Irina already said this of you, Nyan, but your blog and your writing style have this sort of healing atmosphere to them. You seem really experienced and reliable, and go over a lot of different content, which I also associate with good doctors. What position would you want to be on a ship? Be sure to go look at BiblioNyan, a terrific blog with some posts covering all sorts of topics, such as books, anime, manga, music, and mental health!

Blogger Crew Navigator: Karandi

Karandi, I’d pick you for navigator because you’ve really helped me navigate my experience here, blogging! You were the first to “like” one of my posts, and from reading your blog and watching what you do, I’ve learned so much in such a relatively short time! Everyone support Karandi’s blog, 100 Word Anime!

Blogger Crew Entertainer: Moyatori

Your blog posts are entertaining and visually very appealing, plus you have good sense in entertainment! What crew member would you want to be? Check out the Moyatorium blog everyone!

Blogger Crew Scientist: Twix

Fiddletwix, I like the way you take things apart in your posts, such as the sub-dub comparisons. It strikes me as sort of analytic which I associate with science! I bet you’re actually more of an art person than a science person, but I don’t know? Are you? The Anime Madhouse is a really neat blog!

Blogger Crew First Mate: Irina!

Because you’re an awesome friend and you really know your stuff! Don’t be modest. You’re smart, knowledgable, good at writing, and versatile. That’s what I need from a first mate. Irina’s awesome site is right here at Drunken Anime Blog.

I really hope none of this comes across as arrogant or over the top. I often end up being insensitive without knowing it. I can’t think of anything offensive I might have said, but just in case, forgive me! If you’re tagged here it’s because I like your blog and I want to be your friend, or I consider us friends already! I know many of you have already been tagged, but I just really wanted to mention you!

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