30 Day Challenge Day 26: “Best” Anime Fight

(Kyoko Sakura Minimalist image is the exlcusive work of AngelinaNatsumi on Deviantart.)

Ok, Day 26 is the hardest day yet in this challenge. There’s no way I can remember every anime fight that I really liked. I’ll have to operate only on the list of ones I do remember. That includes Tokaku versus Haruki in Akuma no Riddle episode 5, a few of the fights in Akame ga Kill, Karma vs. Nagisa in Assassination Classroom S2 episode 18, Black Lagoon when Revvy fights the katana-wielding yakuza, one of the monster fights in Blood-C, the last fight between Canaan and Alshaya in Canaan, and a couple of the fights from Darker Than Black.

There are tons of fights in the Fate series that I love. A few in Gintama. Don’t forget Higurashi episode 26 Rena vs. Keiichi on the rooftop, and some of the epic showdowns in Hunter x Hunter. More in Kara no Kyoukai and also Kyoukai no Kanata. Numerous fights in Mirai Nikki. Kogami vs. Makishima in Psycho Pass episode 16. Ein vs. Zwei in Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom episode 18. And those are only items A-P in my alphabetatized anime list. The options go on and on. And I haven’t even mentioned any of the awesome battles in Attack on Titan, Seirei no Moribito, Tokyo Ghoul, or Wolf’s Rain! But I must choose only one.

It’s impossible to pick “the best fight” or the my “favorite fight.” There are just too many. So I’ll pick one at random. That would be Sayaka vs Kyoko in Madoka Magica episode 5. That’s the scene where they meet for the first time. Sayaka uses European-style sabers; she can summon many of them, but can only wield one at a time, and not particularly well, because of lack of strength and combat experience. Kyoko uses a long spear, the segments of which are linked by a strong chain. So the weapon is a flexible chain along with being a spear with a heavy, sharp head.

Kyoko has plenty of experience, and at first she doesn’t fight Sayaka very seriously, intending only to beat her up a little to teach her a lesson. However, Sayaka’s gift with magic is healing, so she keep getting back up easily from blows that should have landed her in a hospital. As Sayaka keeps arguing against and disrespecting her opponent, Kyoko loses her temper and fights seriously, in an attempt to kill the rookie. Sayaka also fights to kill since she hates Kyoko so much at this point. Luckily, Homura arrives and breaks up the fight, convincing Kyoko to back down.

This is an important scene not just because it’s a pretty cool fight but also because of the significance for the characters– Sayaka especially. She learns in this fight that idealistic, heroic magical girls like Mami are the odd ones, and self-interested, utilitarian ones like Kyoko are the standard. She also discovers how inexperienced she is and how weak she is with fighting magic and physical strength and grace, in comparsion to a powerful magical girl like Kyoko. All of this information shakes Sayaka’s confidence in herself and her goals. It makes her bitter and angry at the magical system in which she’s trapped. This starts a dark downward spiral for Sayaka.

As for the other characters, Kyoko can’t help being impressed by Sayaka’s resilience and determination, but also angered by her self-righteous attitude. Madoka realizes just how powerless she is and will continue to be unless she changes her mind and becomes a magical girl. As you can see, this fight between Sayaka and Kyoko is a key moment for several characters. It’s also just awesome to watch, though I wish there was just a tiny bit less talking between Madoka and Kyubey so we could see more of Sayaka and Kyouko going at it.

Anyway, this is Anime Rants finishing up Day 26 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. Yonde kurete arigatou! (Thank you for reading!) Ja, mata ashita!

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