30 Day Challenge Day 27: Most Badass Moment of Any Anime Character

(Warning: Spoilers for Kill la Kill)

Finally, an easy one after several days of difficult challenges. I know exactly what to pick for this one: the scene in Kill la Kill episode 17 when Satsuki betrays Ragyo. For so many years, Satsuki pretended to serve her mother, and never once let it slip that she had despised Ragyo ever since he father told her about Ragyo’s evil deeds and plans. From the time she was 5 and onward, Satsuki planned for the time when she would rebel.

Ragyo is the leader of the Kiryuuin clan, which effectively controls half of Japan. Ragyo’s origins are unknown, but she isn’t human. She’s a servant of the Original Life Fiber, and alien being with fiber-like properties. Its will speaks through Ragyo. She wants to cover all the world in clothes made of Life Fibers. These parasitic clothes, once activated, will drain the blood of humans and animals and leave the earth a barren planet. That’s what Ragyo wants. Her plan of action isn’t known as of episode 17, but Satsuki knows she must take down her mother.

There’s that, but also, Satsuki has a very personal reason to fight. Ragyo killed Satsuki’s newborn baby sister (or so she thought), in an experiment to create a being infused with Life Fibers like herself. She had Satsuki’s father killed, too (or so she thought). Satsuki waited until she had taken over all of Japan’s high schools and formed her own army of students in Life Fiber infused clothes, and then she started her rebellion.

At the so-called sports and cultural festival at the academy, Ragyo tried to offer the whole stadium-full of student families to the Life Fibers. The rebel Matoi Ryuuko showed up and started arguing with Ragyo, and Satsuki took the opportunity to literally stab her mother in the back. Actually, she ran her clean through. Then she impaled and pinned Ragyo on a cross and told her that she was starting an uprising against Life Fibers!

I can’t even describe how completely awesome and epic and badass this is! I feel so empowered when I watch it! Satsuki waited for that day for 12 years, enduring sexual abuse and the crazy narcissism and cruelty of Ragyo. She built her own army at the academy, fighting anyone who got in her way. She risked wearing the kamui (life fiber suit) Junketsu which would have killed anyone else, just to make herself stronger. Not to mention the vulnerability of being mostly naked when using Junketsu in its battle-form! 😛 All the hard work and sacrifices paid off. Satsuki stood up to Ragyo and launched a war against her. It moves and inspires me!

And that about covers Satsuki’s moment of absolute bad-ass-ery. Yonde kurete arigatou, or thank you for reading, here at Anime Rants. Have a great day!

One thought on “30 Day Challenge Day 27: Most Badass Moment of Any Anime Character

  1. I can see why this is a good choice! Myself, I picked a moment from One Piece, where Zoro defeats a particular enemy with little more than a paper cut and massive intimidation.

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