Brief Anime Review: Fairy Gone Episodes 1-12

Fairy Gone is a good anime. It doesn’t have the smoothest narrative, and not everyone likes the characters or finds the story concepts interesting. However, Fairy Gone presents what I believe is a much more original and less predictable story than some other hit anime series of the season/year. The world lore of the fairies, the semi-historical aspect of the setting, the action sequences, the character premises, and the political intrigue are all interesting. In particularly, there is a rich world lore that so far I love every bit of. On top of that, the soundtrack and voice-acting is enjoyable, and I’m a fan of the art and animation. Plus, it’s always refreshing to see a non-SoL or school anime with a female lead.

Art: 8/10 Excellent

To me anyway, Fairy Gone was visually appealing. The designs for the fairies were impressive and even a bit frightening in just the right way. All the fairies are 3DCG, but since I went into the series prepared for that, and I know that P.A. works like to experiment with styles, I didn’t mind it. Openly using 3DCGI for creatures isn’t nearly as annoying to me as sometimes animating main human characters with 3D. Now of course, there are a few shots where CGI is used for people moving in the background, but it’s harder to tell, and most them seem to me to move in a quicker, more natural way than the 3D zombies you see in most anime.

The limited color pallet was a little off-putting, but all the human character designs were cute and/or cool. I especially like the look of the main character, Marlya. The backgrounds and scenery are pretty and detailed. Face expressions are good, slightly limited though. Action scenes are great. For some examples, there’s the chase scene in episode 3, the fights in episode 4-5, and the train derailment in episode 9. It’s an understatement to say I enjoy the fairy fights and other action sequences. They’re just so awesome, and fit perfectly with the music, too.

Narrative and Story: 7/10 Good

My attention span is awful, and I often miss important things due to unintentional inattentiveness, so the fact that I was consistently entertained by the story of Fairy Gone means it can’t be that bad. Some have said it’s similar to Persona series, but I think it’s more than original enough. The plot is gripping from the first episode, and so far is continuing to tell a consistently entertaining story, though there are times of less action and character development in the middle episodes.

It was a little cheap to open the series with an explanation of the recent war rather than letting the viewer learn that for themselves; however, the rest of the world-building is done well enough to suit me. One part of good storytelling is variety, so using flashbacks, dialogue between characters, and other techniques is how to build characters. However, this series seems to only know how to use flashbacks. I admit that’s a flaw. Some have said the flashbacks are not shown at the right times, but I can’t think of a time when, to me, the order of events or flashbacks felt off.

Some people said Fairy Gone didn’t follow up on its plot threads enough. I think people are just a little too impatient. So far, the important things are followed up with all in good time, except the relationship of Marlya and Veronica, and I suspect that will have more focus in the second half of the series. I loved that there was a lot of fighting and action in the story. Yes, it came at the cost of deeper character development, but it was still awesome to watch. On other notes related to narrative, the dialogue is kind of awkward or forced sometimes. Other times, it’s natural enough, and sometimes it can be very funny.

Sound: 8/10 Excellent

The music is fantastic. I really like it. This is one anime where I will be listening to the OST over and over. The instrumental music all throughout it great, especially the music pieces and insert songs that play during the fight sequences. The opening song is also good, if you like the style. It’s called “Knock on the Core” by (K)NoW_NAME. The same band performs the very pretty ending song, which is called “Ash-like Snow.”

There are some amazing and well-known seiyuu in Fairy Gone. The Relatively new talent Ichinose Kana plays Marlya, and I recognized her as being Tuesday in Carole and Tuesday and Ichigo in Darling and the Franxx. Maeno Tomoaki, voice of Free, also performed as Decim in Death Parade. Wolfran Low is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa, best known for playing Reiner in Attack on Titan. Other interesting and familiar voices appear, too, as the show goes on– including Tsuda Eizou and Koyasu Takahito.

Characters: 7/10 Fine

The character development is subtle, but it’s there. You have to pay close attention to the characters and to get a good understanding of them. I don’t expect to be completely familiar with the stories and histories of all the characters in a hurry, in a 24-episode series, as long as I have a good idea of their personalities. And by episode 10, the personalities of those at Dorothea are clear enough to me. The I also like the characters. I understand that some people don’t like Fairy Gone because they can’t relate to the characters. I respect that, but it wasn’t a problem for me.

As I mentioned, it really is great to have a lead female character like Marlya. She’s a lot of the reason I’m enjoying the show. She’s so courageous and strong, but delicate on the inside. Not to mention cute/pretty. I find it fascinating how she thinks of herself as a cursed child.

Enjoyment: 9/10 Excellent

It’s funny what can make a show more enjoyable to certain individuals. I have a strong natural drive to love and defend virtually anything that a crowd of others look down on. In life and in entertainment, I appreciate the left behind, the defective ones, the poor quality pieces, and the unpopular, at least when I feel like the majority is doing the opposite. Since I’m built to go against the flow, I used to call myself a contrary person. But that’s not really accurate, since I dislike conflict and I never want to push people away. I’m just eccentric, instinctively driven to like what the majority dislikes. I’m not doing it because I think my judgment or tastes are better than those of the majority. I don’t know why it happens. I guess I was born this way.

Anyway, there was such an abundance of hate in the comments for Fairy Gone, and it has such an unreasonably low score on MAL; therefore, I love the show. Again, I’m not enthusiastic about it because I’m trying to act like my own preferences are better or more principled; I’m just following whatever weird mental or genetic programming makes me this way. I enjoyed the heck out of each episode of the show, simply because I knew Fairy Gone was unpopular. (At least, it’s very unpopular on MAL and on a number of streaming websites and forums. I don’t know if the crowd here at WordPress or other social media likes the show or not. You guys here are so nice that even if you dislike a show you usually aren’t hateful about it. You’re awesome.)

Overall= 7.8/10 Good/Excellent

I personally love Fairy Gone and am really looking forward to the rest of it. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the show to others, unless they really like a wide variety of shows with fantasy, historical fantasy, and political intrigue. In that case, yes, give it a try! I personally love this show! This has been Anime Rants! Thank you for reading. It means a lot. Ja ne!

2 thoughts on “Brief Anime Review: Fairy Gone Episodes 1-12

  1. I’m glad someone got some enjoyment out of it. It frustrated the hell out of me and I’m very unlikely to watch the second half. I didn’t gel with any of the characters and that’s really rare for me. I’ll agree that the music was good, but the action scenes were badly directed in my view. Either too dark or too close to the action that all we saw was half a face, then a flash of steel, and part of someone else’s face. I really didn’t care for the CGI fairies at all. In short it failed to make me care about any of it, which is a very odd feeling for me.

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