One Punch Man Second Season Episode 12 Review

I’m trying to learn how to reduce the word count on my posts. To avoid spoilers and to help with beinf brief, I’ve left out my usual synopsis of the episode. These are just a few notes on the story quality, art, sound, characters, and my enjoyment of One Punch 2nd Season episode 12.

one punch man 2nd season episode 12 review saitama

This final episode wrapped up the story in an impressive way considering it had to end in the middle of an arc. Compared to what I expected, the Monster Association arc is quite long and detailed. This is according to readers of the webmanga I heard from on forums. I thought the pacing of the story was good, as was the diversity of content in episodes compared to season one. The story concepts are entertaining and the narrative quality is just fine. There was plenty of action and just enough comedy. Story wins a solid 7/10 Good.

one punch man 2nd season episode 12 review

Art and sound were both great. The instrumental music makes me want to buy the OST as soon as I can find it. I especially love the scores that use violin/cello, and the ones that use metal-guitar music. I liked the fight scenes and the animation in episode 12. Art and Sound categories both get 8/10 Excellent as far as I’m concerned.

one punch man 2nd season episode 12 review garou

The characters in OPM 2 were all interesting and/or funny, with Saitama being the most amusing and lovable. The one who takes the cake for most interesting has to be Garou. This season developed him well and I can sympathize with him to a degree. The reveals of his childhood experiences in this final episode were eye-opening. Genos is a character I like and admire for his earnesty, hard work, and determination. I was disappointed there was so little content about my favorite characters from season one, Sonic and Tatsumaki. Still, I’m happy enough with the treatment and growth of characters, and give them a 7/10 good.

one punch man 2nd season episode 12 review Genos

The things I enjoyed most were Garou’s fight and his memories of childhood bullying, in addition to King being brave enough to catch the attention of the giant centipede monster, and Saitama utterly destroying said monster. I put my personal enjoyment at 8/10 Excellent.

one punch man 2nd season episode 12 review garou

Now, the overall score for the series, including this final episode, is the average of all those numbers I’ve been mentioning. That means:

The Overall Score is 7.6/10 Good

Thank you for reading! Ja ne!

one punch man 2nd season episode 12 review saitama

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