Secretive Soumas: Fruits Basket Episode 14 Review

Currently, I’m fed up with my usual review style, so I’ll just write out my random thoughts as I watch the episode. This’ll probably be an overly casual and annoying post, appropriate for a blog called Anime Rants. And here we go.

Oh, we got a new intro song for the new cour! According to MyAnimeList, it’s called “Chime” and it’s sung by Ai Otsuka. I love the way it sounds! I prefer to the first opening, to be honest. That’s speaking of the sound, anyway. The visuals aren’t necessarily worse or better than they were before. But there are a lot of umbrellas. Note to self: I need to buy a new green umbrella.

Dear Momiji, what happened to being “cool” at school? He said he wasn’t going to horseplay because he might run into a girl and transform. But now he’s running all over playing cops and robbers. I feel for Tohru, who looks worried sick.

Then we have the sad, heartbreaking backstory of Momiji and his family. His mom is a… very bad anime mom. Then again, she was mentally ill, so I can’t blame her. But still. Sumimasen, nani the fuck? I don’t remember this mama drama at all. I watched the 2001 version, but I was stoned. Apparently sooo stoned that I forgot everything except the characters of Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki. Anyway, if I didn’t have such bad dry eye lately, I would have cried at Momiji’s story. I loved his strength in deciding to keep and hold close all memories, be they good or bad.

Fruits Basket 2019 episode 14

Maybe it just depends on the family, but mine certainly never made a fun outing of a trip to the fucking graveyard. First of all, death-anniversary or no, we didn’t go visit the graves very often. When we did, I’d be so sad, even if I wasn’t especially close to the relative who passed away. Not sure how I feel about a celebration on a death anniversary. But I’m a Negative Nancy, a Johnny Raincloud, so maybe doing something like this in the future would be good for me. All that aside, I’m sad for Tohru, but I’m glad she’s handling things ok.

I wonder what Kyo regrets so much when he’s at the graveyard? He has some big secret. And Momiji has his secret, too. All the soumas are secretive!

Hanajima is awesome. She looks awesome, sounds awesome, and is funny as fuck. I don’t know about mystic “waves” of thoughts, but I know Hana-chan is damn good at reading people’s moods and emotions. It’s probably based on intuitive, unconscious analysis of face expressions, body language, words, and voice. Also, It’s cute how Hana and Uo talk about Tohru like they’re her parents.

Ok, so, the ending. Kyo wa baka! Baka!! BAKA!!! BAKA!!!! Bad cat. That’s a very bad cat. You don’t kiss girls when they’re asleep. Unless you’re like in a serious trusting relationship. I mean, you should just kiss her while she’s awake so she can consent! I don’t know if I ship Kyo x Tooru, by the way, but I do want some romance “action” of some kind to happen. What’s the matter, Kyo, didn’t you know you’re in a shoujo anime where romantic drama is bound to happen? Haha…

The new ending song is pretty, but I like the previous one better.

And that’s about it for my thoughts on Fruits Basket episode 14. Thanks for reading; it’s much appreciated! And if you’re new, I hope you don’t judge all my posts based on this rant. Hmm. Actually, tell me what you think of this rant. Is it ok to sometimes do episode reviews this way, without trying to make my writing make sense or look remotely professional? Is it annoying, or funny? Or something else? I’d love to know. Bye now!

(Images from: Fruits Basket. Dir. D Akitarou. Studio Deen. 2019.)

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