Fairy Gone Episodes 10 + 11 + 12: An Excellent Conclusion

fairy gone episode review 12

In the tenth episode, Dorothea grieves the loss of Oz Mayer, with Marlya and Free both feeling responsible for what happened. After Oz’s body is taken away, Marlya goes to visit the Biaklay mafia boss, who is like a grandpa to her. Marlya was sheltered by Biaklay after the death of Victor, the old hunter who took her in as an orphan. Despite Marlya’s desire to go alone, Free, Klara, and Serge also show up at the Biaklay boss’ house. Free convinces the boss that he and the members of Dorothea will always protect their comrades, so it’s ok to leave Marlya with them.

fairy gone episode review 10
(Klara Comforts Marlya)

By the end of the visit with her old family, Marlya feels much better about continuing to be part of Dorothea. It helped to recieve encouragement from Free and Klara. Ray Dawn entrusts them with a letter to be delivered to the Prime Minister United Zesskia at once. Meanwhile, an army-sized convoy of vehicles, probably carrying artificial fairies, races through the countryside. Duke Schwarz Diese is seen practicing fighting with the Fratanil Fairy Weapon.

fairy gone episode review 10
(Artificial Fairy Soldier Transports)

In episode 11, Scharz Diese starts his revolt officially. Prime Minister Golbarn and his forces, including Nein Auler, fight the traitor’s forces. Free delivers the letter to the Prime Minister while the violent rebellion rages on. Most of Schwarz’ forces are artificial fairies, and they’re making headway in attacking the Emperor’s palace. Also, there’s a small unit of rebels attacking, led by Beevee Liscar. He attacks the “heavenly gate” of the palace, and with his insanely strong fairy, breaks right through it.

fairy gone episode review 12
(Beevee Liscar)

Finally, in the twelfth episode, Beevee Liscar and his forces infiltrate the palace. Free with his fairy weapon engages Liscar with his fairy weapon, as the Dorothea team holds back the rebels. Wolfran leads Diese through a secret passage leading to the Emperor’s quarters. Diese’s plan to rule the country once he has seized the Emperor is foiled, when Ray Dawn appears. He quickly dispatches Diese. Free and Marlya fight Liscar to a draw and he gives the order for a retreat. United Zesskia and the Dorothea team have won the battle, but with heavy costs. Plus, there’s no knowing if the rebellion will continue and what role Wolfran will play.

fairy gone episode review 12
(Free fights Liscar)

Story and Narrative in Fairy Gone: 7/10 Good

I love the story of Fairy Gone. The plot doesn’t always seem to flow smoothly, and too many flashbacks are used, but every anime has some faults. The direction the story went in for the final two episodes was great. It’s an exciting way to end the first season. With all the world-building that’s done so well in this series, it deserves a good score.

fairy gone episode review 12

The Art of Fairy Gone: 7/10 Good

I really liked the art style and action scenes in these episodes, too. There wasn’t much to marvel at in episode 10, but in episode 11 there was Nein’s fighting scene, plus scenes of war with Beevee Liscar’s forces attacking. Backgrounds and buildings continue to be beautiful. The Liscar versus Free fight in episode 12 was awesome. It’s interesting and appropriate the way that Dorothea and Zesskia win the battle, but with heavy losses, and more battles likely to come.

fairy gone episode review 11

Sound Notes: 8/10 Excellent

The instrumental music in these episodes stood out to me as good. For one example, there’s the soft, sad piano music that plays when Klara is trying to comfort Marlya in episode 10. It’s beauitful. The voice-acting continued to be entertaining and believable, for the most part. One thing that impressed me was Marlya’s acting in episode 12. I still love the opening song and the insert songs for battle scenes. Overall, the audio components are excellent.

The Characters of Fairy Gone: 8/10 Excellent

The characters in Fairy Gone are great. They each have their own issues, and we really know their personalities by the end of the first cour. Episode 10 helped a lot with character development. I couldn’t dislike Marlya if I tried, but like any character, there are times when she’s annoying. For instance, when she broke down so much in episode 10, and could only think of her own grief and guilt, not sparing a thought for the feelings of the people who were actually good friends with Oz. But I also thought it was believable for her character. She believes she is a cursed child who brings death. The way Oz literally died for her sake reinforced all those negative longstanding beliefs.

fairy gone episode review 10

Enjoyment: 9/10: Magnificent

I enjoyed several things about Fairy Gone, including the interesting setting, political and fantasy world-building, the designs of the fairies, some of the fight scenes, the amazing music, and the character and cuteness of Marlya. Also, I tend to thoroughly enjoy and become attached to certain series that are widely unpopular. Since so many people dislike Fairy Gone, I find myself loving it. I’m not even sure why sometimes. :/

fairy gone episode review 10 marlya

Overall Score for Fairy Gone so Far: 7.8/10.0 Very Good

This is Anime Rants, and I thank you heartily for reading! Ja ne!

2 thoughts on “Fairy Gone Episodes 10 + 11 + 12: An Excellent Conclusion

  1. got around to seeing the first epi. I liked what I saw. If it continues like that, I guess we’ll be in the minority of liking it (barring leth, cus he’s leth).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the first half. Then I think the story quality takes a dip, in episodes 7 and 8 especially. But the last two episodes were a good enough conclusion for me. I’m excited to see more in the Fall. 🙂


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