Sunday Select: 7 Best 2006 Anime Series

I don’t know which is very favorite, so these are in Alphabetical order.
Simple enough. Let’s get rolling.

Best 2006 anime revy

1. Black Lagoon

Rokuro is a young Japanese businessman who never asked for a thrilling life. However, after being assigned to deliver a computer chip with company secrets on it, Rokuro is captured by the mercenaries who call themselves Black Lagoon. One of them is a very hot Chinese-American woman, who re-names Rokuro as Rock. New experiences lead Rock to choosing the mercenary life. But is he really prepared for this harsh work? My favorite things about this series are the insane action scenes, and the terrific characters.

2. Ergo Proxy

Best 2006 anime vincent law
(Vincent Law)

It’s a dark, cold world with toxic air, and humanity lives in small cities protected from the environment. Re-L Mayer is a young woman investigating cases of Cognito, a “virus” which causes robots (or Auto-Reivs) to become conscious. Meanwhile, Vincent Law, an immigrant, is falsely accused of crimes. Re-L is disturbed when a monster breaks into her bathroom and touches her softly before fleeing. The “monster” is what’s known as a Proxy, and Re-L is determined to learn the truth about it. She crosses paths with Vincent and they end up unlikely partners. What I love about this show are the psychological elements.

3. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Best 2006 anime higurashi rena

Keiichi moves to the tiny town of Hinamizawa, and befriends his female classmates Rena, Mion, Rika, and Satoko. At first, things seem great as they all have fun. Then Keiichi is told of a mysterious murder in the village. One of the murderers was never caught. This, despite Rena and Mion assuring him that no murder had happened. What do Mion and Rena really know? Keiichi becomes paranoid as the girls act strangely. This is a classic mystery/horror series. Be sure to watch season 2, as well, or things won’t make sense. My favorite things about the show are the classic horror, the mysteries, and the wonderful characters.

4. Ouran Highschool Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka is mistaken for a boy by Ouran Academy’s Host Club, led by the silly but handsome Tamaki. They soon discover she is female, but, because she broke an antique vase, Haruhi must join the Host Club, crossdressing as a man. She needs to work off a debt of 8 million yen. The flirtatious twins Hikaru and Kaoru, the stoic Mori, the boy lolita Honey, and the cool, intelligent Kyouya are the other members of the Host Club. This is a classic, hilarious shoujo school comedy that everyone should watch. What I love most about the show is how progressive it is.

Best 2006 anime ouran wallpaper

5. Strawberry Panic

Best 2006 anime strawberry panic yuri

Nagisa moves into one of the dorms of three affiliated private, all-girls Catholic schools on Astraea hill. Strawberry Panic is the story of Nagisa and several other girls as they fall in love with fellow students of the same sex. As for the timid Nagisa, she’s overwhelmed by the advances of Shizuma, a sexy upperclassman who does whatever she wants. Shizuma is also the Etoile, or the representative of all three schools. This show is a must-see if you’re a yuri/ shoujo ai fan. I love it for the yuri.

6. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kyon is a smart, laidback highschool boy whose life is thrown into chaos after he meets the infamous Haruhi Suzumiya. One of Haruhi’s many strange actions was declaring in front of the whole class that she was only interested in meeting espers, aliens, and time travelers. With Kyon in tow, Haruhi starts a supernatrual-themed club and begins recruiting for it. What I love most about this show are the unforgettable characters and the insights they provide– including Haruhi.

Best 2006 anime haruhi suzumiya

7. Welcome to the NHK

Satou is a bona fide hikkikomori, also known as a shut-in. Part of the reason is he has crippling anxiety, plus schizotypal symptoms such as severe paranoia. One day, a girl named Misaki declares that she’ll “save” Satou with weekly lessons of self-improvement and psychology. Satou isn’t even sure why he goes to meet Misaki; he doesn’t trust her at all. When the girl asks him to prove he’s living a productive life, Satou lies that he’s a game creator. Uh-oh. What now?

Best 2006 anime welcome to the nhk

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