Fruits Basket 2019 Episode 15 Review / Rant

Welcome all she’s, them’s, and he’s! It’s time to Rant!

I decided I shouldn’t make excuses for my writing just because some of these posts aren’t professional or smooth or stylish. I should be proud of producing so many posts lately. And that’s my excuse for not offering an excuse. xD So anyway, it seems like it’s been a lot longer than a week since the last episode of Fruits Basket, but finally, episode 15 aired. It was a very laidback episode where not much really happened in the grand scheme of things. Shigure, Tooru, Kyo, and Yuki went on a trip to a lake along with Hatori. Ayame showed up later.

I’m not cute like Tooru, but I’m easily as spacey and out-of-it as she is, especially when I’m not on my usual schedule. So I’m not exactly certain what’s going on with Yuki and Kyo. Kyo is regretful and sorry about something. What, was he like involved with the accident that killed Tooru’s mom or something? I know that’s dark, but it’s all I’m coming up with. And it seems like Yuki was the boy with the hat from Tooru’s flashback in that other episode, or else he realized that Kyo must have been the hat boy. Either way, why does that make Yuki feel bad? Mou, zenzen wakanai!

Anyway, Tooru notices that the boys are acting funny, and thinks she’s done something wrong, a bad assumption I myself still make all the time. :/ Kyo and Yuki assure her that’s not the case, and afterward they go back to their usual dynamic of constant fighting. (Of course, to make things more interesting, there’s a part where the boys transform from having Tooru fall on them. So we got to see them in cat and rat forms again.)

The next day, Ayame shows up and accidentally wakes up the sleeping Hatori. Then Hatori, Ayame, and Shigure talk for a while. (Yuki, Kyo, and Tooru go see the lake in the meantime.) One of the things they talk about is how Kana, Hatori’s former fiance, got married to her new lover. Ayame thinks Hatori should restablish contact with her, but Hatori explains it’s best to leave her alone. Ayame says, in that case, Hatori had better make sure he’s 2,000 times happier than Kana. Shigure adds that Hatori should find a new lover.

I really like Hatori, but I forgot about that. I blocked it out because his story in episode 7 was so sad and so familiar. Hatori and I are in a similar place right now with regards to moving on. He says, “Another person? An outrageous hope. For cursed ones like us, perhaps having a short time with someone like Kana is already enough, in my opinion. Perhaps I’m satisfied with that. … All I can do is watch over them, so they don’t make the same mistakes. So their smiles don’t turn sour.”

That resonates with me. Like Hatori, I’m not being bitter, but I’m not interested in moving on. But, I love and feel inspired by the younger people around me, and I want to make sure they don’t end up like me. Not that I hate my life. I’m pretty happy; it’s just that I can’t love anyone romantically anymore. And I’m ok with that now. 🙂

And that’s about it for my rant today. Thank you so much for reading. More episode reviews will be up this time tomorrow! Take care now! And here’s a picture of handsome Shigure for no reason, other than he’s handsome and he’s Shigure so why not?

(Images From: Fruits Basket. Dir Y Ibata. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)


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