Dr. Stone Episode 2 Review

Before I get into ranting about episode 2, I’m gonna need to rant briefly about something quite wrong people have said in regards to Dr. Stone. They expect the show to be entirely scientific and stick to real, modern science just because Senkuu said he was going to be beat fantasy with science. So people say, hey, how can light cause petrification, and how can you explain people staying alive inside the stone for thousands of years? And can science explain Senkuu’s ridiculous hair? Maybe these people missed the point.

Senkuu said it pretty clearly in episode one: “It’s not that there are things science can’t explain. You look for the rules behind those things. Science is just a word for the steady, pain-in-the-ass effort that goes into doing it.” In other words, he’s going to employ the scientific method to solve the human petrification problem. There are going to be things he can’t explain yet, and things as yet unknown to science. Dr. Stone isn’t supposed to be realistic or stay in line with real science from our world. What Senkuu means is he’s going to use the scientific process— plus, his exstensive knowledge learned from natural and physical sciences. It’s not a problem if there are unrealistic and unscientific things presented in this anime.

Alright then. Attention all my dear them’s, he’s, and she’s! It’s time to Rant!

Story-Related Rant

Of course, the next step in the story is to bring back Yuzuriha from her petrification. But of course, we can’t bring her back because we need someone to um, fight lions. Yeah, in this episode, there are lions. I’m glad an explanation was given in the anime, but it’s not perfect. Lions would have a difficult time surviving in the climate of Japan, and if their population was very low to begin with, they never would have survived 3k years. However, it’s just anime, so whatever.

The “Because Anime” magic continues to apply as Shishio kills a male lion with a punch and some rocks. He has superhuman abilities and can hunt any type of prey. I wonder how much time passed in this episode? It’s feasible for them to make a lot of calcium carbonate and produce some cement, but it would take a long time. At first, Shishio seems too perfect, like a superhero. But just as Senkuu suspected, there’s something not so benevolent about him revealed near the end.

Art/ Sound/ Character Notes

I wasn’t sure if I liked the opening song last episode– it’s “Good Morning World” by the Burnout Syndromes– but listening to it the second time, it’s clear that I love it! I’m enjoying the voice-acting. I also adore the ending song! It’s called “Life” by Rude-a. The art and visuals are astounding to me because I love natural settings and seeing lots of green. Also, the character designs and the way they’re drawn is unique and memorable.

Considering the cast is all men at this point, I’m surprised how much I like the characters. That includes Shishio, despite his very pronounced “issues.” He seems like a truly interesting character, and great material for a villain of the story.


Taiju’s over-the-top exclamations and comic relief work well on me; I’m constantly amused. (Example: that moment when he realized reviving Yuzuriha meant seeing her naked.) As I mentioned, I love the art and the sound so far. The way Senku smoked the fish meat and explained what smoking really does made me happy because it’s actually something very realistic. Plus, I’ve done it before and it’s tedious but fun somehow.

Calcium carbonate was fun to learn about. I had no idea it could be used in making mortar and cement, though of course it makes perfect sense. But I knew it could be an ingredient in soap, because of a research paper I wrote about ways to make natural soap. Also, Shishio’s idea of not bringing back the older adults is quite interesting. Alright then, thank you so much for reading my Dr. Stone episode 2 Review! Sending virtual hugs and good wishes to all my friends and followers, and anyone else who might be reading! 🙂

(Images from: Dr. Stone. Dir. S Iino. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)

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      1. Well, it’s not really possible to use calcium carbonate as a poison, especially a fatal one. You’d have to ingest tons of it. But maybe it reacts with another chemical to produce a poison. Or, maybe he managed to use it to refine a little bit of steel for a knife or dart tips or something.

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