Dr. Stone Episode 6: The Stone World’s Loli Warrior

Hello and welcome— it’s time for my rant and review of Dr. Stone Episode 6! This seems to the pattern lately, but watching this episode filled me with excitement, joy, and enthusiasm. This show is ten billion percent exhilarating! I’m not even sure where/ how to start.

This show’s emphasis on science and/or the scientific method is something I relish. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before in anime. As mentioned in my episode 2 review, the show isn’t “realistic,” but the scientific principles it discusses and the scientific method Senku always uses are solidly accurate. It’s difficult for me to understand when some viewers want everything in an anime to be realistic just because a major theme is science. The steps in the scientific method are: question, hypothesize, predict, test, and analyze/ draw conclusions. But most of science— well, depending on your field— is trying over and over again with all kinds of hypotheses and tests. This is shown well with Senku trying everything to understand and undo the petrification.

From a storytelling perspective, episode 6 of a 24- or 26-episode series should always be full of big happenings or new sources of interest. Dr. Stone succeeded with that. There was suspense, action, touching moments, and new explanations and new questions related to the how’s and why’s of petrification. On top of all that, a new character was introduced. Kohaku, the loli warrior of the Stone World! I’m glad this series is progressing so well.

There were many beautiful shots of nature scenery like treetops, forest, and mountains. When I was a kid and young teen, I loved being in the forest, and looking at scenery like that gave me profound feelings of joy, inspiration, peace, and longing for adventure. The only thing I can think to compare that feeling to would be the very best of psychedelic highs. Others might describe the feeling as a spiritual experience. Anyway, that’s one reason I never get tired of the setting and backgrounds in Dr. Stone. Those images don’t give me nearly the same “high,” but they do make me feel happy and amazed.

Other great things about the visuals in Dr. Stone are the character designs. They’re a bit too unusual and extreme for some people, but not for me. I adore this art style. Which brings me to one of the major points of this post: Kohaku is just too freakin cute for me to handle! I want her as my anime loli waifu. It’s love at first sight. But there is more to this character than just her overwhelmingly cute appearance and voice. She’s also a young warrior who seems to value fairness, chivalry, diligence, and intellect. She challenged Tsukasa to a fight because he took a woman hostage and then mercilessly “killed” the one trying to protect her. Of course, Kohaku isn’t quite a match for Tsukasa, but her fighting skills are still incredible.

There are still so many other things in this episode and series so far to react to, think about, and discuss! How exactly can the healing/restoring effects of the nital be used when they don’t have a good supply of it? The character and personality of Senku are so entertaining and awesome! I like Taiju and Yuzuriha too, and I love Kohaku. Tsukasa is practically the perfect villain! So how will the characters grow from here on? Was the light that petrified earth really an attack; what else could it be? Who is responsible— Aliens, mad scientists, a virus, or none of the above? What’s the secret plan Senku whispered to Yuzuriha? I know they said it would be an infiltration of Tsukasa’s “empire,” but what is the grueling task Yuzuriha must undertake?

There really is so much good anime out this season! Now I finally understand why people said Spring 2019 was kind of a drag in comparison. Anyway, thank you so much for reading my episode review at Anime Rants. Here’s wishing you a fun and safe weekend!

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(Images from: Dr. Stone. Dir. S Iino. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)

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