Dr. Stone Episode 10: Will You Do it for a Cola?

Cola. Soda. Soda Pop. Coke. Pepsi. Whatever you want to call it, cola is an amazing thing. I’m sure this is already all over the internet and fanbase by now, with people saying it’s stupid for Gen to make an alliance over soda, and it’s not believable for his character. Well, it’s not wrong to say it’s stupid or silly, but I don’t mind it; in fact, I like this turn of events for three reasons. 1) It’s funny as fuck. 2) “I’ll do it for a Cola,” is actually just an excuse so Gen can save face, having already decided to join the science faction anyway. 3) Even if it wasn’t an excuse due to pride, I understand the intense desire for cola.

No, really. I fucking love soda. I feel so incomplete going for even a day or two without a Coke or Pepsi. I often drink soda in my dreams, or I’m looking for more to drink. It has to be coke/pepsi and not something like Mountain Dew or Root Beer or Dr. Pepper. I love the flavor, the exact amount of carbonation, and all that terrible-for-your-body sugar. I remember watching Ouran for and really understanding Haruhi’s willingness to do the bidding of the Host Club for the reward of exquisite cuisine– in particular, “Fancy Tuna.” Well, now it’s the same with Dr. Stone. I now have an understanding with the character of Gen, sharing in his love of the best beverage in the the universe, cola.

Anyway, I’m short on time, but I’ll just quickly point out a few other things that I liked in this episode. Kohaku is still bad-ass and she was able to beat the huge man, Magma, in the last Grand Bout. Speaking of that tradition, it’s an interesting way of choosing the next village leader, from the point of view of evolutionary psychology. I don’t really feel like Ginro is skilled or reliable enough to stand a chance against Magma, but Kinrou might, with enough training. Chrome surprised me with his maturity, not making a fuss about someone else marrying Ruri, but saying all he wants is for her to be cured.

Minor complaint: it was disappointing that the show didn’t state which medicinal herbs were being used to treat Gen when he was badly injured. Moving on, it was of course interesting to see Tsukasa and what he’s up to. Apparently he’s living in a giant cave/ cavern system, and has plenty of strong and physically gifted men to serve him. There’s still no clue about Taiju and Yuzuriha, or whether they’re there with Tsukasa. I also noticed beautiful or fun music that I liked several times in this episode. There were plenty of shots and backgrounds showing gorgeous greenery, forests, mountains, and featuring really nice lighting and shading.

Well, I think that’s about it for this episode review. Thanks a ton for reading! It lifts my mood. Now I’m off, so have a great start to the weekend!

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(Images from: Dr. Stone. Dir. S Iino. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)

5 thoughts on “Dr. Stone Episode 10: Will You Do it for a Cola?

  1. I liked that Gen came up with a silly request to save face. It fit with his character.

    I didn’t like the Tsukasa development. He went from being an idealist wanting to create a perfect society where children could be free of the baggage of ownership and money to an evil villain surrounded by his evil henchmen, living in a dark mountain lair. I feel like they’ve ruined that character.

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    1. I’m kind of hoping Tsukasa was just badly presented in this episode. And I mean, he does need a lot of strong people to help him break all the old statues that need breaking and gather and revive the ones he wants to bring back. We’ll see.

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