Dr. Stone Episode 3 Review and Screencaps

Welcome to my anime rant about Dr. Stone episode 3! There will be a ridiculous number of screencaps in this short post, because I love the visuals in Dr. Stone, and I already took all these screencaps, so why not use them here?

Dr. Stone episode 3 Tsukasa

There were two issues that needed addressing in this episode. First, what will we do about Tsukasa, who wants to “cull” older adult and elderly humans? Second, are we ever going to wake up Yuzuriha? Well, the problems with Tsukasa continue, but in this episode the boys did finally unfreeze the girl. While it’s pleasant to have a criminally cute girl character around, Yuzuriha’s character is a little disappointing so far.

Dr. Stone episode 3 Review

On the plus side, she’s grateful and loyal to Taiju and Senku, she’s eager to help, and she’s more physically fit than Senku. But Yuzuriha just feels kind of boring. Typical for female characters in anime, she’s quiet, kind, polite, cries easily, worries easily, and somehow she radiates the aura of “damsel in distress,” even when she’s safe and happy. There’s nothing wrong with a character like that, but it’s not what I was hoping for. I feel it’s likely that I’ll grow to appreciate her as the episodes go on and she recieves more character development.

Dr. Stone Yuzuriha

Back to the topic of the trouble with Tsukasa, well, it’s getting more intense. Tsukasa definitely wants to keep killing to build his ideal world, and he wants to find out exactly how Senku sets people free of the stone. As the tension rose, and it looked like Taiju might be killed by Tsukasa, Senku made use of the crossbow. It missed. Further, Tsukasa caught the air in fucking midair and threw into the ground. Damn.

Tsukasa’s strength and speed are humanly impossible without steroids, or stimulants, or added adrenal hormones, but that doesn’t bug me– not anymore than the impossible violence you often see in shounen anime. (By impossible, I mean it would definitely kill the person, but all they do is bleed a little and get back up.) At least the show is being consistent. Tsukasa can kill a lion with his bare hands, so he’d been taken down by just an arrow from a crossbow, I would have been disappointed.

Dr. Stone Senku

Senku and company must now make gunpowder (and a gun of some kind) before they are caught by Tsukasa. Where will the story go from there, I wonder? This setup is only enough to last for the next episode or maybe two. Will there be other layers added to the main plot besides trying to find ways to stop Tsukasa? I doubt this will ever be the main focus of the story, but I hope we eventually get to some answers about what the light was that petrified humanity. I also really hope we see character growth and development for everyone, but especially for Yuzuriha. I wonder if we’ll see primitive guns soon?

Dr. Stone Senku gun

There was a lot of comedy mixed in this episode. When he discovers Tsukasa is a murderer, Taiju looked ready to fight. I thought they were going to seriously fight. But Taiju proceeds to say that he’ll let Tsukasa hit him all he wants if Tsukasa in return stops breaking statues. The funniest thing was how Tsukasa took Taiju seriously, thinking he was proposing a deal, and and failed to understand. It was also humorous when Senku explained away everything that seemed “mystical” about the statue of the Buddha in Hakone. A third source of comedy were the funny face expressions in some scenes.

Dr. Stone anime reaction image

Senku is a little bit difficult to understand and a little bit annoying, though I still like him the best of the characters. Kobayashi Yuusuke is doing an ok job with voicing Senku, but so far his performance isn’t as good or in-character as it was when he played Subaru in Re:Zero. Yuzuriha is voiced by Ichinose Kana and Tsukasa by Nakamura Yuuichi. I’ve been a fan of Miss Ichinose from when I first heard her as Ichigo in Darling in the Franxx. Mr. Nakamura has played so many roles I can’t keep them straight, but I know him best as Okazaki Tomoya from Clannad. Furukawa Makoto is doing great with playing Taiju.

The visuals in Dr. Stone continue to amaze me. It helps that I just adore natural settings, scenery, and the color green. The backgrounds and scenery are simply stunning. The colors are perfect. As for the art and animation of characters, I do think it’s great, but I can totally see why some might not like it. It’s very stylized, which often means it’s hit-or-miss for most people. Plus, the characters are kind of simply drawn. It reminds me a little of Mob Psycho‘s art style, with cartoony character designs with thick linework. But compared to Mob Psycho, the characters have less detailed shading and lighting on them. And in Dr. Stone, there haven’t been any breathtaking action scenes. So far, action sequences are just so-so.

Dr. Stone episode 3 Review

And that’s about it for this week’s Dr. Stone rant. Thank you so much for reading! I really do appreciate it. Please have a safe and fun weekend!

Dr. Stone art

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(Images from: Dr. Stone. Dir. S Iino. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)

14 thoughts on “Dr. Stone Episode 3 Review and Screencaps

  1. Do you watch these episodes RAW? None of your screencaps have subs, havent seen the series yet, I am the type that reads if the anime is good enough for me, then Binges an entire season, but this does indeed look amazing. Most people seem to like it well enough for nowm cept for Tsukasa OPness.

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    1. I try to get shots without text most of the time, unless I think the text is funny or is strongly connected with something I wrote. For some of these, text was unavoidable, so I took some shots from the anime without subs.

      I’m watching Dr. Stone on Crunchyroll, where you have the option to turn off captions if desired. I like to watch an episode once with subs and then usually once raw to help my Japanese and so I can get good screenshots.

      Dr. Stone has its problems like any other anime, but I think it’s really good so far and I’m definitely enjoying it. 🙂

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