Dr. Stone Episode 11 Review

Hi all, thanks for visiting. I finally got my prescriptions all in order, but now I’m sick, and writing is tough. I can only focus on one aspect of the episode for now.

At 10 years old, I had my eyes checked for the first time and immediately got glasses. My eyesight was pretty bad. I’ve heard many people say that getting glasses for the first time was a very memorable experience because they could see better. But that would be an understatement for me. Being able to see was quite literally life-changing, with improved vision indirectly causing a chain reaction of events and turning points in my young life. Anyway, one of the things I loved doing after getting glasses was sitting outside and just staring at the trees and treetops… sometimes for hours. Trees are some of the most beautiful living things in all the Earth.

All that to say, I loved how Senku made “glasses” for Suika and had her try them on in a field of sunflowers surrounded by forested mountains. The scene was moving.

As for the episode as a whole, long story short, Senku and company made vessels and instruments out of glass, helped by an old pottery craftsman from the village. They also built a lab. Now the kingdom of science can move forward. Kinro still wants a silver spear, so Senku reluctantly agrees to make one. But Kinro’s going to have to work for it, and go somewhere dangerous to acquire materials. I’m not sure what material that would be or what the dangers of collecting it are, because I don’t feel like thinking. On other notes, Kohaku is awesome like always.

Thank you for reading this brief episode review. Your readership is appreciated.

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(Images from: Dr. Stone. Dir. S Iino. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)

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