Granbelm Episode 11 Review

This was an important episode that needed to be there as a transition, and might not have been very exciting no matter how it was presented. That being said, I found episode 11 slightly underwhelming. There were moments that I knew could have been much more powerful, but they fell short. The music was great, but the art wasn’t much compared to some of the earlier episodes.

Here’s some examples of what I’ve just said. The reunion of Shingetsu and Mangetsu was too brief and awkward, when it could have been truly moving — and I’m not just saying that because I also sort of hoped for a kiss between them. There were scenes of scenery and nature and whatnot as the girls were all camping, but they just don’t compare in beauty to say, the flowers in episode 2 or lake and pine trees in episode 6.

The opening few scenes with Mangetsu and Shisui were fine; they got the point across anyway. (Life and any experience it gives is miraculous.) However, Shisui’s lines felt awkward, and I could have phrased things better here. It was a bit of a stretch of the imagination, too, that only the talk with Shisui and the interaction with her classmates were enough to make Mangetsu content with herself and her life once again.

On the other hand, other things were done well in this episode. When Mangetsu said her goodbye to everyone but Shingetsu, it was a powerful and almost shocking scene. Also, when the new Magiaconatus battlefield appears, it looks stunning. I love those pinks and purples, and the way everything looks like it’s made of rock and crystal.

Long story short, what happened in this episode was Mangetsu’s decision to cheer Shingetsu on and make her wish for all magic to end. She also chose to let her existence become faint again so Nene, Kibou, and Shisui could no longer see her. Since she intends to fade away anyway after magic is abolished, it’s better to say some goodbyes sooner rather than later. However, Mangetsu is certain that she will never truly cease to exist, at least in the mind and heart of Shingetsu. Then Mangetsu and Shingetsu enter the Magiaconatus for the next Granbelm battle. Suishou is there waiting for them. It’s time for the final battle.

Thank you for giving your time and attention to read or glance over this post. It means a lot to me. Have a good day and watch out for summer colds! I’ve got one and it’s nasty. xD

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(Images from: Granbelm. Dir. M Watanabe. Nexus. 2019.)

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