Carole and Tuesday Episode 20 Review

Hey, I’m so glad you could come visit Anime Rants today. This will be a short review due to time constraints. Ready? Let’s Rant!

It’s about time things started escalating. As expected, things are moving in the direction of Mars corruptly oppressing immigrants from Earth, where Carole and Tuesday will have to sing to bring planetary peace. I though as much since Jerry first proposed stopping trade with Earth and turning away refugees. So far everything is going as predicted, including the arrests of Tao and Amer. This show will have do take some serious twists in the next 4 episodes to suprise me.

Luckily, I’m not watching this anime because I want to be surprised by shocking plot twists or anything. I watch it firstly because I love the two main characters; secondly, because the art and music are fabulous; and thirdly because, even if it’s predictable, it’s a story with real, important meaning for us in reality. (For instance, the lesson we need to learn in the U.S. about “hey, let’s just be decent human beings to each other,” instead of following along with corrupt ultra-conservative politics. Or, let’s not just suddenly jail and/or deport and/or separate people who are just looking for a place to live. Am I being too “political” for an anime post? Probably. But I don’t really care.)

Anyway, the end of this episode did surprise me a bit, actually. I had believed and hoped that Dhalia had better control over her anger issues, but she said terrible things to Angela in this episode, raised her voice a lot, and threw and broke a cell phone. She looked like she might hit Angela just for saying something true (that Dhalia was using her to live out her own dreams.) But for better or worse, Dhalia passed out. It seemed like she had been having heart murmurs or a heart arythmia or something similar. I do hope she doesn’t die or anything, but I also wonder if this show can succeed in redeeming her character.

There were a lot of good shots this episode for screencaps. I didn’t have time or motivation to get any of them except one, so when you watch this episode, be sure to make a point of enjoying the artwork and animation. That about wraps it up for my thoughts on Carole and Tuesday episode 20. Thank you ever so much or reading! I hope your weekend gets off to a great start!

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(Images from: Carole and Tuesday. Dir. S Watanabe. Bones. 2019.)

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