Kanata no Astra Episode 10 Review

Warning: Spoilers for Kanata no Astra episode 10

“Maybe Earth’s inhabitants discovered Astra and everybody moved there a long, long time ago.” That’s one of three theories I speculated about in my last episode review. That one was right. I’m currently feeling stupid because being right about my predictions makes me feel ridiculously happy. I’m such a child.

To go a bit further on that topic, I also said in my episode 9 review, “I noticed nobody said anything about how there might still be an enemy among them. I’m now getting very suspicious of Cherce, because he once again didn’t say anything about how the Seira he knew is identical to Aries. … Also, out of all the kids, Cherce has the backstory that’s most suspicious.” So I suspected Cherce, and sure enough, he was the culprit.

As soon as Kanata faced Cherce and Zack and started outlining his plan to catch Ulgar, I immediately suspected that it was a trap for Cherce. Watching the plan unfold was majorly exciting because I wanted so much to be right about Cherce, but wasn’t completely sure. So when Kanata said “I knew it was you… Cherce!” I clapped my hands and cheered. Gods, I really am a childish egomaniac.

Anyway, with me not having much time, this episode review will be short and that’s really about all that needs to be covered. Except, wait, there is one other thing that needs to be said. This series is truly impressive with its storytelling quality and suspenseful mysteries. It’s easy to “get into” this show and wholeheartedly enjoy it. I think the art and music and voice-acting are good, and the characters are great.

It might be fun now to speculate about the answers to the next questions we were given. 1) Why does Zack care so much about this mission that he’d die for it, and does it have to do with being a clone of the king? 2) What is the additional secret the adults are hiding, having to do with hiding the existence of Earth and the problem with chronology? I said this episode review would be short but can you believe it? I just can’t stop myself to come up with hypotheses. Please bear with with me.

About the chronology issues. The asteroid was discovered in 2049. It would hit in 8 years. Zack assumes the exodus from Earth was complete by 2057. Polina was in frozen sleep from 2051 to 2063. The current year (supposedly) is 2063. Did it take only 6 years to build an entire civilization on Astra? That’s hard to believe. Plus, these kids are what, 15-17 years old? None of them have memories of the immigration. So how can it be explained? I can think of one possiblity right away. It’s a shaky theory though, so I suspect only parts of it are right.

First, Suppose that it actually took a much longer time, a century for example, to make a steady civilazation. Then it would actually be the year 2163, and Polina slept 112 years. During that 100 (or more) years, something happened that the adults wish to cover up. For example, maybe they had to leave behind half of Earth’s people. So they taught false history to next generations to cover up the crime of leaving billions to die. World War III, in false history, was said to eliminate half the human race. Maybe that story exists to explain why there are so relatively few humans.

As for Cherce, I think he’s in love with Aries either because she’s the clone of Seira or because she’s Seira herself. Maybe he found about the clone coverup and volunteered for the mission because he knew there was a possibility of him being able to save Aries. He may have known that the Astra (or Arc) was still orbiting outside of Earth. If so, he intentionally activated the wormhole when he and Aries still had their spacesuits on, and purposely set the wormhole’s destination to Earth. In this episode, Cherce planned to kill everyone but Aries, and survive and return to Astra with her. It’s just a guess. But I don’t know what any of that has to do with being the clone of a King.

At long last, my rant is over. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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(Images from: Kanata no Astra. Dir. M Andou. Lerche. 2019.)

3 thoughts on “Kanata no Astra Episode 10 Review

  1. Your theory about the cover up makes sense. Let us see how it plays out. I agree that this show has a good story. One of the benefits of a short anime is that they can plan out a complete story and set up twists.

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