Kanata no Astra Episode 7 Recaps and Thoughts

Welcome all my dear he’s, she’s, and them’s to Anime Rants! As usual for Thursdays, I have a review of Kanata no Astra episode 7. I couldn’t think of any particular insights or remarks, so really, this is just recap, with a few of my thoughts here and there. Let’s Rant!

As expected, Charce was hiding something, but it’s unlikely he’s the enemy among them. He just didn’t want to talk about his past. Honestly, his backstory was kind of predictable. He was a boy of the nobility who liked a commoner girl and snuck her into the nobles’ area. A guard discovered that the girl (Seira) was a commoner, and it all led to a terrible accident (?) that left her in a comma. Her family moved away with her and Charce wanted to find them as well as throwing away the life of a noble and following his dream of studying biology.

(Charce is kind of creepy when he’s that happy)

Of fucking course, Seira from the flashbacks looks almost identical to Aries, but Charce didn’t mention the resemblance. Obviously, Seira is Aries spelled backwards, so the two girls are one and the same. Or else twins. Or clones. *Shrug.* Anyway, soon after everyone is convinced of Charce’s innocence, they arrive at the fourth planet on their route of five.

It’s yet another world of harsh alien nature. One side of the planet never sees the sun because of the rotation or whatever. That side is lifeless and frozen. The other side is a desert wasteland too hot for life. In the belt between the two, some liquid water and living things can be found, but it’s not a friendly environment. Giant carnivorous “plants” attack the Astra, which at the same time starts to have mechanical problems, and a huge gust of frigid wind finishes things off. The crew is unhurt, but the Astra is damaged, and no longer capable of space travel.

Zack informs everyone that fixing the ship isn’t possible, and they will have to live on this planet. Quitteri cries and cries. What else do you expect from a homesick, dramatically-inclined teenage girl? Thanks to Ulgar’s encouragement, Kanata finds his confidence again and leads everyone on an exploration to find food and water. Eventually, they find a ship: a ruin of a ship, anyway. It’s the same make and kind of the ship as the Astra. How about that? Coincidence? I doubt it. More likely, another crew of kids were banished in the past, and ended up stranded here.

There’s only one member left alive of the other ship’s crew. She’s stayed alive in the hibernation /frozen sleep device for 12 long years. Kanata, Zack, and Ulgar decide to wake her up. She’s a pretty, golden-haired young woman. Who is she? What’s her story? Will she be able to help the Astra fly again somehow? Unfortunately, we have to wait another week to find out. Personally, I’m willing to bet this lady will be able to give us a lot of much-needed answers. It’s about time for something game-changing to happen in the plot.

For reading my review, I sincerely thank you! Your time and attention are greatly appreciated. This is 7mononoke of Anime Rants wishing you health and happiness! Mata Ashita!

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(Images from: Kanata no Astra. Dir. M Andou. Lerche. 2019.)

10 thoughts on “Kanata no Astra Episode 7 Recaps and Thoughts

  1. Family Guy confirmed this! When look like someone and you share the name but it’s spelled backwards you are an evil twin. So.. that means Aries is evil right?
    How about their colour schemes are they inversed as well? xD (Still havent watched the series as it’s not offocially watchable here)

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      1. I know. You just keep wanting more and more but I guess if the episodes were longer they’d probably start to feel like they were dragging so maybe we are getting just enough each week.

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