Astra Lost in Space Episode 4 Review

Welcome to another Anime Rant! Today we’ll discuss Astra Lost in Space episode 4!

The episode started off with fanservice of Quitteri’s body, which felt sort of out of character for the show, but hey, I don’t mind. From there it got a bit boring, with Kanata saying nobody should look for the enemy because it will create discord. Then they begin exploring planet Shumoor in search of food and supplies. This is honestly so entertaining it’s ok that it’s not advancing the main plot. The reactions to the “candy plant” were hilarious. And apparently there are weird chokobo-like creatures on Shumoor, as well as carnivorous moss.

As soon as blond boy discovered the water in the cactus juice, I envisioned the whole crew getting high on cactus juice like Sokka in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Turns out that what got them intoxicated were spores from a mushroom-like plant… but it’s not the fun kind of intoxication. The Astra crew nearly dies from the toxins. From there, the tension was so high I forgot about the bigger mystery altogether. I knew they weren’t really all going to die, but I was so invested in the characters that it created a good feeling of suspense and excitement.

I’ve been hoping for more character development for Yunhua, so I enjoyed this episode. She ran away from the ship because she believed she was useless. Information about how she was raised was included. Yunhua has a good talk with Kanata and takes a word of advice from Quitteri. She makes everyone feel better when they are poisoned, soothing their symptoms by singing a beautiful and moving song. (Since it’s sung by Hayami Saori, of course it couldn’t be anything but euphonious.) Kanata cures everyone with a “medicine mushroom,” containing the antidote for the toxic spores.

So far, Quitteri has been my favorite member of the Astra crew, but Charce is also growing on me. His specialty is biology, and I also love that broad field of study, though I’m only really knowledgeable about mammal zoology. Most of the “sciency” observations and hypotheses he makes are scientifically sound. The quick identification of the dead animals as herbivores was well done. And, if it had millions of years to evolve, an ecosystem like that could come to exist, controlled by toxic mushroom-like lifeforms feeding on dead animals.

However, the idea that the fungus can control whether or not to show the medicine mushroom depending on who approaches it– that’s not very likely or in tune with principles of botany. But this is on another planet, so completely unknown rules and patterns might be in place for living things. Plus, this is just an anime, and a very enjoyable one; I really don’t care if the biology is inaccurate. I just brought it up because biology is fun to rant about.

Thank you so much for choosing to stop by today and read my review. I heartily appreciate it. Take care of yourself now! Mata Ashita!

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(Images from: Kanata no Astra. Dir. M Andou. Lerche. 2019.)

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