Kanata no Astra (Lost in Space) Episode 2 Rant

Hey minna-san… let’s rant!! … or something… I guess.

I’m in a slump and I can’t seem to write anything that makes sense lately. So this episode review will be lazily written by an unenthusiastic person. The way I see it, though, at least I’m staying on the schedule I set for myself, and I’m sticking to this blogging thing with all my might. Better to have a crappy article once or twice if it helps me establish the rythm of my summer schedule. I guess, let’s talk about characters first.

(My mood)

There are many characters in anime that people quickly get annoyed by and start to dislike, and usually for perfectly valid reasons– especially wimpy guy characters and bitchy girl characters. So naturally, I tend to really like those characters. :p Actually, it’s kind of frustrating to me that it happens this way. Sometimes I wish I was built to be, you know, an agreeable person, and just agree with the general opinions. But I’m stuck with genes and a brain that want to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing for no reason (that I am aware of anyway).

(Me when everyone else says yes.)

All that to say, Astra Lost in Space episode 2 was mostly about the resident bitchy girl, Quitteri, who’s of course my favorite character so far. (It’s really too early to decide on one, though.) She argued against being part of the foraging team. She called Kanata useless. She freaked out about the animals in the woods. She also started a fight while everyone was trying to eat, said something awful to her little sister, and run away. Truly, Quitteri is a teenage drama queen.


This isn’t a recap, so I won’t tell everything that happened after Drama Queen ran away like a cranky kid. But once everything is over, and her little sister is safe, Quitteri offers very sincere apologies to everyone for the way she’d been acting. If there’s anything I love better than a contrary character, it’s a contrary character who genuinely says she’s sorry and tries to improve. So yeah, Quitteri wins major points with me. I guess I should also mention that Kanata was really cool this episode, too.

Ok so then how about the way this episode looked and sounded? The music in this episode was enjoyable, again I noticed it was very orchestral in style. The opening and ending songs are fine, but don’t really stick out at me much. It’s nice to hear Hosoya Yoshimasu playing Kanata and Shimazaki Nobunaga playing Cherce. I like the art style of the characters, and I think the scenery, backgrounds, and creatures of this planet looked very good. I have a terrible eye for art, but this seems pretty decent in my often-dead-wrong opinion.

Let’s talk about the story. I was surprised that we skipped right to arrival on the first of the five planets. I thought more time would be spent in space. The events of the episode, if not super original, were told well in a way that created suspense and excitement. For me anyway.

Now, several strange things happened in this episode. First, that weird sphere from episode 1 showed up again. Luckily, the kids escape it and aren’t swallowed up again. But what is that sphere, and why does it keep coming after them? Second, someone broke the communicators on the Astra ship, and based on glasses-kun’s analysis, someone did it recently. That means, somebody on the ship is a traitor. The plot thickens! I am terrible with mysteries, but I might as well throw out a guess of who it is, right? How about boobs-character? By that I mean Yunhua, the constantly scared and apologetic girl. I bet it’s her.

And I think I’ve prattled on long enough. So, thank you so much for suffering through this rant with me. I really appreciate it. Have a great morning! Ja ne!

(Or maybe she is the culprit!)

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