Kanata no Astra Ep 11 (Terrible Mood Reviews)

Welcome and all that shit. Because of medication issues and a monster headache, 7mononoke is a goddamn awful mood. This shitty excuse for a review will be short but not sweet.

This crazy asshole Charce was raised to be a psychological slave to that king Noah Vix or whatever. Charce doesn’t value himself at all except to be of use to that dick king. He tries to make it sound all grandiose, like he has a noble cause. Anyway, the only time Charce was treated like a human was when he hung out with the princess Seira. She didn’t want a clone made of her bastard king made one anyway. Seira arranged for her lil baby clone and its surrogate mother to escape Vix. Said lil baby was named Aries. Now we know about Aries’ origins.

But back to Charce’s story, Princess Seira was fuckin killed by an assassin, and Charce got blamed for it. Then he was made to spend almost a year in solitary confinement that was a literal stone dungeon. Well ok then. No wonder the boy is fucking crazy. The asshole king then gave Charce the mission to kill himself and all the other clones, and he was happy to give it a whirl. =

After they all got on board the Astra (Arc XII?) in episode 1, Charce put the plan on hold. The he decided that he would kill wait till the last planet and kill everyone except Aries. Cuz like he’s a major sucker for the Clone Princess. But now that he’s been found out, Charce tries to kill himself using the silver sphere. Kanata tries to stop that little shit, and does succeed, but at the cost of his arm. It got sucked in by the sphere and sent to space outside of Earth. And then ya know, shitty little Charce cries and whatnot,says he’s sorry, blah blah. He’s back on Kanata’s side.

Ok thanks by. Hope you have a better day than me.

Updated Opinions on Kanata no Astra MBTI

Zack: The Strategist: INTJ
Quitteri: The Caregiver: ESFJ
Kanata: The Performer: ESFP
Aries: The Giver: ENFJ
Ulgar: The Mechanic: ISTP
Charce: (Turbulent Type) INFJ
Yunhua: The Dreamer: INFP
Luca: The Independent: ISFP
Funicia: The Caregiver: ESFJ

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(Images from: Kanata no Astra. Dir. M Andou. Lerche. 2019.)

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