Kanata no Astra Episode 3 Review

Welcome! It’s time for an anime rant! But be warned; there are spoilers for Kanata no Astra!

After watching the third episode, my opinion is that the show is getting even better than before. It might actually be pretty thrilling, rather than all comedy and fun space adventures.

kanata no astra episode 3 funny

Ever since the first episode, it has seemed like things were headed for a twist. We got some new plot information in this episode, and it wasn’t what I was expecting. Did the adults send the kids into space to kill them? If so, is that the only twist? There’s also the speculation about one of the kids on the ship being out to kill them and then end their own life. If that’s what happening, it seems almost too obvious that the traitor/killer is either Yunhua or Ulgar. Suppose Ulgar used that gun to blast some holes in the walls. I think he had a silencer, too.

This is all speculation, and for all I know, the next episode will explain that half or less of what was discussed is actually true. Maybe there are guns on the ship for everyone, and Yunhua found one and didn’t know what to do. Maybe there is a killer among them, but instead of Ulgar, it’s actually Yunhua. Or the two are working together. Perhaps the real twist is still yet to come. What if the adults sent them out into space to survive the coming of the spheres, which destroyed civilization? Regardless of what’s true, what’s is that this episode got me excited thinking about the possibilities. It really was a gripping third episode!

Kanata no astra episode 3 ulgar shoot

I’m enjoying this show quite a bit. Sometimes the comedy is silly and cheap, but it makes me smile most of the time. I’ve grown to like the art-style. The voice-acting was good. The characters are all entertaining, even if they do fit into some predictable “types.”

kanata no astra episode 3 yunhua

My only real complaint with this episode is that too much of the timing was set up in strange or non-believable ways. For example, Funi’s talk about the orphanage and what she heard there came up out of the blue, very unnatural for the character dynamics, but at exactly what the plot demanded. That’s too convenient. The same is true for when the holes in the walls of the ship burst open right when Kanata said someone might disable the ship. (If it was really an accident. If not, maybe Yunhua or Ulgar damaged the ship at that time on purpose.)

kanata no astra episode 3 space
(Here, I just thought it was a pretty shot of the Astra out in space)

Anyway, it was a great viewing experience regardless of a few complaints! This is 7mononoke at Anime Rants. Yonde kurete arigatou gozaimasu! (Thank you for reading!) Ogenki de! (Be well!)

(Images from: Kanata no Astra. Dir. M Andou. Lerche. 2019.)

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