Carole and Tuesday Episode 14 Review

Welcome to another Anime Rant! Warning: spoilers for Carole and Tuesday episode 14!

New character introduction alert! Well, technically, Tobe the producer was introduced at the end of last episode, but this episode is where we got to know him a little, and realize that he isn’t an ax-swinging murderer. He’s just an ax-swinging eccentric. I love how he constantly says and calls things “shit.” I must be a child to think saying “shit” is still so funny. Tobe making Tuesday and Carole practice so much was a relief, because it was getting worrisome how they don’t rehearse enough. (Or if they do, it’s rarely shown or mentioned).

carole and tuesday episode 14 tobe

The short but very in-character performances of Uesaka Sumire, voice of Angela, in this episode were impressive. Despite being a fan of Ichinose Kana (Tuesday) and her growing number of roles, but my favorite female seiyuu in the cast is still probably Shimabukuro Miyuri (Carole). As always, Ootsuka Akio (Gus) does a terrific job with his role. I noticed more background music in this episode than I ever have before. A lot of it is very simple in sound, but it does its job of helping set the mood and atmosphere for each scene.

carole and tuesday episode 14

A lot of the emotion of this episode came at the end, when Dann reveals to Carole his true identity and his purpose for coming to Mars. I shouldn’t be surprised that Carole handled it so well, because she’s so far always been mature for her age. But still, it was surprising how she believed and accepted him, and gave such a great farewell. As for Dann, he is impressive too for having the courage to find and talk with his daughter after so many years. His story is tragic. It’s also depressively realistic, reflective of common situations in the U.S.

carole and tuesday episode 14 carole

A recurring theme in this show seems to be the drama and danger of becoming famous. We had the whole Tuesday and Cybelle fiasco. We had all the people aggressively claiming to be Carole’s family. Plus, the street punks who were harassing Tuesday, and the journalist who is trying to use Tuesday to get more info about her mother, the famous politican. Now, Angela has a cyberstalker– and one who somehow knows information about her plans and music that hasn’t been released. I wonder where the show is going with this?

carole and tuesday episode 14 skip
(Random: Skip from episode 6 appears in this episode!)

The interaction between Angela and Mao was brief but powerful. It shows some interesting character developments for them. Will Mao not need Angela in the future, and stop being her manager and producer? I think Angela might actually like him a little. Even if she doesn’t, she will feel abandoned if he drops her and switches to an using AI singing only. If that did happen, I definitely think Angela could sue him for using her voice data to make that AI. As for how Mao feels and what he wants, it’s as mysterious as ever.

carole and tuesday episode 14 angela

On a separate note, but as usual, let me say again that the art and animation in Carole and Tuesday is gorgeous. And that’s about all. Thanks a ton for reading my post here at Anime Rants. You are appreciated. Mata ashita! (“See you tomorrow,” or “Again tomorrow.”)


(Images from: Carole and Tuesday. Dir. S Watanabe. Bones. 2019.)

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