Carole and Tuesday Episode 17 Review

As Carole and Tuesday’s producer, Tobe, would say, “Welcome, you shits!” Here are my thoughts on this week’s episode of Carole & Tuesday.

There was no new song from Carole & Tuesday this week, but I’m looking forward to Ertegun’s song which Angela will sing. The voice-acting sounded perfectly on-point and I’ve come to expect no less from these seiyuu. The performance that impressed me the most was that of the “veteran” seiyuu Mamoru Miyano, voice of Ertegun. Animation was good as usual all through the episode. There was little action or movement to animate, which was slightly disappointing. The only things I noticed in particular were the remarkable lighting and shading and cute/funny face expressions.

We saw some development of Angel’s situation with the stalker. The police are having trouble finding out who it is. Last episode, Aaron seemed like the only likely suspect to be the stalker, until Angela got a stalker’s message from someone other than Aaron, who was standing near her. Episode 17 gave further evidence that the culprit isn’t Aaron. We were shown a darkly lit scene where someone kissed an image of Angela on the computer screen. That person also menacingly scraped his nail over Aaron’s picture, hating him because of the rumors of him dating Angela. Then, someone hit Aaron with a car in suspicious circumstances. It’s not clear if he’s still alive.

I felt disappointed that nothing was said or shown about Gus’ potential relationship with Flora. In fact, Flora wasn’t even mentioned. I assume she found a place to stay? Maybe she went to rehab. Tobe, the bad-tempered producer who calls everything shit, reappeared in this episode, much to my amusement. I’d hate to work with him in reality, but types like him are hilarious in anime. Because of Tobe’s strict standards, Carole and Tuesday only got him to approve one of their songs for recording. They had been hoping to record a whole album.

Kudos to the awesome big brother Spencer. He finally lost patience and left his mother’s side, physically and politically. In an interview with a reporter from Alba Times, Tuesday is told of her mother’s plan to stop accepting refugees from Earth. Her reactions were about as expected. She said she didn’t want anything bad to happen to Carole because of her mother’s policies, but she doesn’t seem convinced it’s at all relative to her or her musical partnership.

It was funny how Angela tried to be funny or get a reaction out of Tao a few times, but couldn’t succeed. Also, the dynamic between Tao and Ertegun was pretty great. Without a doubt, the funniest part of the episode was seeing and hearing Ertegun’s impression of his new song presented to Tao without a keyboard.

Ertegun is usually a humorous character, and continues to be mosly so even with all his misfortune this episode. However, one can take it seriously if desired. Ertegun’s visions of his other selves were fascinating to me from a psychological perspective. A lot of people — maybe even most people — occasionally feel like they are battling with a voice in their head, whether a discouraging or an encouraging one. But we don’t actually hear a voice with our ears; there is no auditory hallucination. And full visual hallucinations of other selves is much far rarer than auditory distortions. It usually only happens in cases of psychosis. People with Schizotypal Personality Disorder may experience it, or it can be induced by psychedelic drugs. Anyway, that’s all for now. I don’t want this post to turn into an essay about hallucinations.

That’s about it for my thoughts on this one. Thank you for visiting Anime Rants today. Your readership is greatly appreciated. See you next time!

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(Images from: Carole and Tuesday. Dir. S Watanabe. Bones. 2019.)

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