Bem Episode 6 Review

Welcome to my belated episode review for Bem’s 6th installment.

If it’s going to be 24 episodes long as MAL predicts, then this is the 1/4 mark overall, and the halfway mark of the first cour. I expect a key episode like 6 or 7 to have something highly exciting, moving, or game-changing, or a big reveal about the plot. However, Bem failed to deliver. It was another dull, episodic installment. Plus, I couldn’t quite take it seriously. Because I can’t connect to the characters, the events seem silly or too predictable. At this point I’m only watching Bem because I commited to keep doing episode reviews when nobody else I know is covering the show.

The focus of this episode was on two characters: Gravity Man and Harazy. Gravity man isn’t a youkai, but he seems to have a supernatural power. He performs using his ability to control gravity at a circus called Transcendent Illusions. Harazy is a little girl who helps his performances and lives with him. Thanks to that robotic dude at the police office– I can’t remember his name— rumors are spread that Gravity Man is a humanoid youkai, a murderer, and Harazy’s kidnapper. The police and everyone are after him.

Well, not everyone. Bela and Bem don’t “sense any evil” from Gravity Man, and Bela has taken a liking to Harazy, easily able to see how much she loves Gravity Man. So Bela tries to help the two fugitives escape the city. For no particular reason, Gravity Man (real name Val Titan) explains his backstory to Bela, and it’s mildly interesting. Of course, the police corner Val as he walks toward the dock to escape by ship. Bela tries to help him, and so on, but it looks like Val is killed from multiple bullet wounds. It’s then revealed (big surprise) that Harazay is actually the one with supernatural powers, and she wiped out most of the police forces that were present.

For some strange reason though, the scene switches to the surviving police carting away an unconscious Harazy. How did that happen? Well, leaving that alone, Sonia is furious at the robotic man from special forces. He was, of course, after Harazy and her powers the whole time, and thought nothing of demaing Val and having him killed. It seems that the Unseen Council that he works for is trying to capture humanoid youkai and anyone with supernatural abilities. The only mildly interesting thing in the episode was Belo’s question at the end. Harazy was a human, but had special powers. What then, are Bem and company? Could they be ancient monsters? Aliens? Humans who were modified by someone or something too long ago to remember? We don’t know for sure.

Score at the Six Episode Mark

Art: 7/10. Sound: 7/10. Characters: 6/10. Story: 5/10. Enjoyment: 5/10.
To calculate the score, take the average of these five numbers. You’ll come up with…

Overall Score So Far = 6.0/10.0 (Fine/ Fair)

Thanks for reading this brief episode review. It means a lot to me. 🙂 Till next time, then!

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(Images from: Bem. Dir. Y Odaka. Production I.G. and LandQ Studios. 2019.)

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