Bem Episode 7 Review/ Recap

Irashai! (Welcome in!) This will be a very brief recap of Bem’s 7th installment. I’m working on a long essay for another project, and I’m rather preoccupied with it, but I’ll do my best to give a quick episode summary.

Annie learns from her friends that animals and possibly people can be genetically modified to make new breeds and species. In other words, there is technology to make chimeras. A mysterious man killed one of Belo’s human friends and used parts of his body and the body of a dog to make a fierce chimera. That chimera went after another one of Belo’s friends, the girl with the ribbon, but Belo saved her. Belo tried to stop the man who is collecting animals and people for chimeras, but the chimera interfered and fought with him. Meanwhile, Daryl has been trying to track down and kill Belo, believing he murdered his father.

Daryl tracks Belo to where is fighting the chimera who used to be his friend. The chimera tries to kill Daryl, so Belo has no choice but to kill the creature first. Despite just having his life saved, Daryl proceeds to shoot Belo multiple times. (To be precise, 18 times.) Belo is unaffected, and simply leaves the scene to pursue the man collecting and experimenting on animals. In that confrontation, Belo becomes an even bigger, uglier youkai than his usual goblin-like form, and has some fight terrorizing the man. Bem arrives and convinces Belo not to kill, just when Belo was about to bite off the sorry human’s head.

Bem has no problems with letting the man die, as long as he or Belo don’t directly do it themselves. Instead, they allow all the man’s escaped chimera pets to tear him to pieces. Then comes the part of the episode that proves I’m a sadist when it comes to entertainment. Turns out that Dave, the friend that was supposedly combined with a dog to make that chimera, is alive and unhurt in human form. He had simply been kidnapped for later use. The body that Sonia and Woods found wasn’t Dave’s body after all. I should be moderately pleased, or maybe just neutral, about Belo’s friend being ok. But I’m disappointed. I was hoping for some actual character death, but nope. This series will never actually be serious in my book.

Thank you for reading. It was just a recap, but better than posting nothing I suppose.

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(Images from: Bem. Dir. Y Odaka. Production I.G. and LandQ Studios. 2019.)

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