Bem Episode 5: When You Clean Out The Vacuum…

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Bem continues to disappoint, but I’ve decided to keep doing episode reviews for it, so I can’t back out now. My usual complaints apply again: uninteresting or overly comedic villain characters, the boring main character Bem, the lack of any sense of suspense, excitment, or creepiness, redundant scenes and episodes, and poor dialogue.

The villain this time was just as comical as ever. He’s a psychopath with an obsession for cleaning, so he wears a specialized villain suit that gives him super suction powers like a vacuum cleaner. Yes, you heard me. His theme is vacuum cleaners. He goes by the name “Sweeper.” Isn’t that stupid and funny? It’d be impossible to ever take a villain like that seriously. He just makes me laugh. They did give Sweeper a little bit of a backstory, which I guess is an improvement on none at all, but it amounts to nothing either way, since he’s too funny to give any real thought to, and he’s dead by the end of the episode.

Another problem with this episode is that I feel almost like I missed an episode? Suddenly, the head of the police and everybody in the force acknowledges the existence of Humanoid Youkai, including Bem and his friends. Also, viewers know that there’s an “Unseen Council” running Outside from the shadows, but I didn’t think any of the characters knew about it. But as of this episode, that kid Daryl and Sonia both know about the Unseen Council and even talk about it with others. There was no content explaining about how they might have discovered it. Way to skip over something that might have been intriguing.

The new character sent from the unseen council, from the police special forces, doesn’t interest me at all. He’s just a walking character type, the type that speaks only in short sentences, focuses only on his mission, and acts like a fucking robot.

As usual, the action scenes are “blah.” They’re boring and predictable. And in general, I’m getting sick of these episodic villains and of Sonia being saved by Bem every single time. And it’s only episode 5. How long will this continue? :/

(Kapow! Nice bakhand punch.)

Thank you for reading this rant mostly comprised of my complaints about Bem. xD

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(Images from: Bem. Dir. Y Odaka. Production I.G. and LandQ Studios. 2019.)

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