Ritsu’s Recap (Fruits Basket 2019: Episode 19)

Please enjoy this Fruits Basket (2019) episode review, written in the style of Ritsu Souma.

I’m sorry for making you reading a post from someone like me. I knew I shouldn’t have written anything! I’m going home. … What? Would it trouble you if I don’t write anything at this point? I’m sorry!! I’ll start right away! In this episode, I went to visit miss Tōru Honda. She is lovely. While there, Shigure-nii-san gave me a challenge: to stop reflexively apologizing.

It was a tough challenge— oh, but someone as worthless as me shouldn’t complain! I kept failing, regardless. I’m sorry! A-anyway, before long, Miss Tōru hugged me, and I transformed… so she found out I’m male. Bumping into her was all my fault. I’m just so sorry! Even though I feel better in women’s clothes, maybe I should’ve told Miss Tōru right away about my sex. I’m so inconsiderate. I apologize! 😥

I felt useless, but then Shigure-nii-san told me I would improve if I could chase away his stalker. However, the lady outside wasn’t a stalker; she was Shigure’s editor. Thinking a fine young lady like Mitcchan was a stalker… I’m really sorry! Then, to make things even worse… to top it all off… I spilled coffee on Shigure’s manuscript and ruined it. I can never apologize enough for something like that. I’m sorry, but the only choice before me was to jump from the roof and end my troublesome existence.

Much to my exasperation, I didn’t even have the nerve to go through with jumping! I apologize. Why does someone like me still have the will the live? I still wonder sometimes. But Miss Tōru said the nerve to stay alive was a good thing. She told me told me even I have a reason to exist; I just haven’t found it yet. To tell me those kind words, Tōru climbed onto the roof, putting herself in danger. She even cried! I’m still so sorry I made her do that! I should have been apologizing to her the whole time, but her words were so soothing that I felt frozen in place.

Miss Honda and I both safely got down from the roof. While Shigure-nii-san worked on rewriting the manuscript, I went with Miss Mitcchan to get takoyaki for everyone. She felt discouraged, and she reminded me of myself. So I told her that, even though I’ve only ever caused trouble for everyone around me, I decided to have the audacity to stay alive! Ahh! You have no idea how badly I want to apologize for being so bold! But… this time… I won’t apologize. I’m sorry, but I won’t. Oh wait. I’m sorry I said sorry even though I said I wouldn’t say sorry.

Still, you know what? Miss Mitcchan became my friend. Even though all I ever do is inconvenience people! Even though I called her a stalker! Even though I confused her with my women’s clothes! Mitcchan doesn’t mind anymore. She said I was beautiful! And she told me the two of us could hang out together sometime soon. That’s what happened in Fruits Basket episode 19. I’m terribly sorry I took up the whole episode. And I apologize for making you read this post! But since you did… well… thank you. It means a lot to me and to my friend 7mononoke. 🙂

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(Images From: Fruits Basket. Dir. Y Ibata. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)

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