Carole and Tuesday Review Episode 16

Hello and welcome! Here are a few thoughts on Carole and Tuesday‘s 16th episode.

At this point, I’m still enjoying this show to no end, but I’m also wondering where the plot is even trying to go. It’s like, “Go home, series structure; you’re drunk.” What’s with the episodes focusing on singers we don’t know? Episode 15 was all about Desmond, and episode 16 was about Flora. Well, to be fair, it was about Gus, too. And by the way, it was nice to finally have an episode for Gus. He deserves more development. And I hope it goes well with he and Flora from now on.

At this rate, I bet the next 3-5 episodes will be similar, focusing mostly on a musician for one- or two-episode mini-arcs, interspersed with updates about Carole and Tuesday’s progress and performances. Then the last arc of, IDK, 2-4 episodes, will be some huge victory for Carole and Tuesday as they change the world in “7 minutes of miracle” or whatever. Maybe their song will be what stops Mars from cutting off commerce from earth and denying refugees. I hope it won’t be quite as predictable as all that, but we’ll see. There are still a lot of interesting things going on, where I don’t know what’s going to happen. For example, the matter of Angela and her stalker.

I liked hearing Carole and Tuesday’s song, “Day By Day.” Flora’s song, “Give you the World,” was also pretty amazing. The animation and art in this episode impressed me yet again. Everything looks fantastic. It was also enjoyable to see the backstory of young Gus and Flora. They really do seem like they’d be a great couple. Now I’m running out of steam, so to speak; that’s about all I have in me to say for this episode. But I’ll shamelessly add more screenshots below. I just want to share the gorgeous art in this stunning anime.

I’m exceedingly grateful for your time and attention in reading my post today. This is 7mononoke at Anime Rants, wishing you all health and happiness!

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(Images from: Carole and Tuesday. Dir. S Watanabe. Bones. 2019.)

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