Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files Episodes 8 and 9

Welcome all my dear she’s, he’s, and them’s! Let’s Rant about episodes 8 and 9 of the interesting fantasy/mystery series, Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files.

Episode 8: Gordius Wheel and the Memory of the King of Conquerors

Who killed Trisha? Waver is determined to find out who it was and bring them to justice. Unfortunately, personal circumstances interefere. Waver and Gray are attacked by a Servant (I’m not sure who summoned her). She is Hephaestion, the Calvalry Commander for Alexander the Great/ Iskandar. She’s the one who stole the fragment of Iskandar’s mantle, and because she did, she can use Iskandar’s Noble Phantasm. It’s disturbing for Waver to be see that there’s a close confidante of Iskandar who he’s never seen, and who deems him worthless.

Thanks to Waver’s spell that used some power from his long hair, he and Gray were saved from Hephaestion, who didn’t bother to pursue. However, Waver was burned badly by the immense amount of lightning and heat Hephaestion used to attack. He would certainly have died, if not for Olga-Marie. This little lady felt in debt to Waver for volunteering to find Trisha’s killer. So to make sure all debts were repaid, she gave Gray a bottle of Panacea cream made by Druids.

I was surprised how this anime treated the wound realistically; that is, making it clear that a person can die from the shock and pain of third degree burns covering such a large swathe of flesh, unless they recieve immediate professional medical treatment. There are no doctors here, but it’s fantasy, so we have Panacea. Hurray for magical heal-alls!

Waver’s obsessions with Iskandar and their past together continues. I can’t even call it tiresome, though, since I also have a person in my past I idealize and that I think of every single day. Anyway, there were some interesting character insights and bits of development here and there. Caules told Gray the story about his family issues and his sister near the end of the episode. Karabo gave some insights about being attached to the past and about being supportive of those in mourning even if when his beliefs say that the souls of mages will suffer in purgatory. This episode also let us get to know Olga-Marie a little better.

The theme of the episode was, “humans are slaves to what they see.” Perhaps we are creatures influenced most by our eyesight compared to the other senses. I don’t know if that’s 100% true in reality, but it certainly seems so “at first glance.” 😉 Unconscious prejudice based on physical characteristics is still prominent among humans, even among those who are never consciously discriminatory. For some backwards people, discrimination is practiced purposely. That’s just one example of the pervading influence that sight has on us as humans.

In this anime, the theme of being slaves to “sight” applies most obviously to characters who have Mystic Eyes. For example, Karabo’s Mystic Eyes let him see glances into the past, and the ability is slowly driving him mad as he unable to ever focus on the present. But the theme also applies to characters like Waver. What one “saw” can also mean what one “experienced.” Ever since Waver saw Iskandar and experienced time together with him, he’s never been the same. He’s been a “slave” to that vision for ten years. Gray can currently only “see” Waver; that is, she’s totally preoccupied with him. As such, she’s a “slave” to what she sees, as well.

Episode 9 Review: A Sibyl, A Decision, and the Forest of Einnashe

Unlike with some shows this season (Granbelm and Kanata no Astra), I’m not going out of my way to theorize about the mysteries in Lord El-Melloi. That’s because I’m preoccupied with thinking about and trying to understand the magic in this show, as well as taking the chance to learn about characters and creatures in the Fate universe I didn’t know about before.

As far as that goes, we had a really interesting new thing this week: the Child of Einnashe, AKA the Forest of Einnashe. The episode explained briefly what it was but I also looked it up on the Type Moon wiki to understand better. There were once seven apostles, and one of them died next to a tree. His blood changed the tree into a carnivorous plant with a will of its own, who formed a whole forest unified and controlled by its one will. The Forest is a large demon seeking to eat humans. It can manipulate leylines, roads, trails, or paths, so that they lead straight into it.

The forest tries to kill humans and mages who directly attack it, so it’s a difficult demon to deal with. Thanks to Karabo being there, a solution was found. The leyline had been taken off course and shut off, to draw the Rail Zeppelin into the forest and stop its movement. To get out of the forest, they must reactivate the leylines by hitting three local “pressure points” with Karabo’s holy magic. It works and the Rail Zeppelin starts up again, but not all is well. Gray is still out in the forest. She ran into Hephaestion again, and won’t back down from fighting her.

There were some other good and interesting parts of this episode, too. Melvin came back, and he’s a fun character I like, albeit a bit gross. His magic has to with music. He played a short piece of magical music that served to “tune” the magic circuits of those listening, improving efficiency by about 20%. That’s pretty awesome. We also got a review about invocation summoning a spirit versus actually materializing a Servant.

Waver spends the whole episode passed out and recovering from the burns that nearly killed him. In other events, Shishigou and Luvia interviewed a weird TV star mage (Jean-Mario), and found out about the killer 7 years ago who beheaded people and stole their Mystic Eyes. Meanwhile, Orga-marie discovered and unlocked a spell that was concealing Trisha’s head. Just then, Adashino enters the room, having followed her creepy snake there. She says she is glad Orga-marie found the head. She seems sinister.

I’m not thinking hard about the mysteries as I said, but I still doubt that Adashino is the one behind the murder of Trisha. I think she sought to lure out the murderer, who has been behading people and stealing Mystic Eyes since seven years ago in London. The murderer could be anyone, but I do think it has something to do with Trisha herself. Perhaps she faked her death and she’s actually the killer. I don’t know. And I still have no no idea who stole the relic and summoned Hephaestion either. My gut says it might be Caules, or else someone we haven’t met yet. Those my only thoughts on the mystery.

That’s all, so thank you so much for reading. I truly appreciate it. 🙂

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Images from: Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files Rail Zeppelin Grace Note. Dir. M Katou. TROYCA. 2019.

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