The Ones Within Episode 9 Recap

It seems like I run into this problem a lot with this show, where I don’t know what write or focus on for my review. I’m tired, too. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to muster up even a few thoughts about this episode. It wasn’t a bad episode, though it was nothing amazing, either. I just can’t think of anything to say. Still, a short recap should be possible.

(I know, I need to, but…)

Onigasaki (Kai) is trapped in the white room, which doesn’t seem remotely likely to kill anyone, since small meals are provided along with a bed and a literal bathroom (with a tub). So much for a scary imprisonment. It’s way better than psych hospitals, which means it’s also better than prison, or so they say. (The psych wards for lower and middle class Americans are shit.) Anyway, before long, Kai finds a convenient secret tunnel to some underground living quarters which Paka has never discovered for some reason. He’s a lot dumber than I thought.

Undeground, Kai meets three other “dropouts” from the games: Hiro, Nanami, and Sakura— as in Sakura Oshigiri, Zakuro’s fraternal twin sister. (Oh, and apparently Nanami is a gender neutral name because the character with that name is a dude. He jokes once about being a woman, because his name is considered feminine.) Nanami gave Kai some new information; the place they are is a remote island, with food and supplies shipped in by a few outsiders. Every time new players begin the games, the name of the island is switched to “X Avenue.” (The first set of games was 1st Avenue, Sakura played in the 11th Avenue, and now we’re on 13th Avenue.)

This information doesn’t make much sense to me because it doesn’t explain all the magic and otherworldly stuff. We have giant pandas, magic eggs that hatch panda-girls with afros, a llama-headed man who doesn’t die even when attacked with steel pipes and swords, and not to mention transforming demons. Is Nanami lying about this being a remote island? I’m kind of confused.

While Kai goes with Sakura to wander around messing with screws and valves for no known reason, the other 7 kids are worried about him. They all say they’ll stop playing the games. So Paka introduces a new game: guess the 6 digit number to unlock the white room and save Kai, within 72 hours. To find the hint required to figure out the password, the kids must solve a 30,000 piece puzzle. Now, puzzles are Yuzu’s speciality, but she feels certain there’s no way to piece it together in time. She almost gives up, but Karin and the others encourage her to keep going.

With Yuzu encouraged and leading everyone along, things are looking up. That’s about it for this episode. Hurray, look at me, I did a proper episode recap after all! And if you just read it all, you have my sincerest thanks. Every view is appreciated. I’m off now. Take care!

Updated Opinions on the MBTI of The Ones Within

Akatsuki Iride: The Giver: ENFJ
Anya Kudou: The Independent: ISFP
Himiko Inaba: The Healer/Idealist: INFP 
Kaikoku Onigasaki: The Commander: ENTJ
Karin Sarayashiki: The Caregiver: ESFJ?
Makino Aikawa: The Thinker: INTP?
Yuzu Roromori: The Strategist: INTJ
Zakuro Oshigiri: The Virtuoso: ISTP

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Images from: Nakanohito Genome (Jikkyouchuu). Dir. S Oonuma. Silver Link. 2019.

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