The Ones Within (Now Streaming) Episode 4 Review

Welcome readers one and all to another Anime Rant! In episode 4 of The Ones Within, the kids face off with demons (oni)! Ready? Let’s rant!

Note: I’m just going to call the 8 main characters by their given names because otherwise I get confused. Let me review them. Akatsuki is the cute main male character. Anya is the delinquent type who always has a motorcycle helmet with him. Himiko is the petite girl with the scarf and stun grenades.


Kaikoku is the tall guy with the red umbrella. Karin is the pink-haired girl and boobs-character. Makino is the cute and sleepy guy who rarely even says a single word. Yuzu is the stalker/ yandere girl. Zakuro is the dude with the silver hair and a ninja-like mask over the lower half of his face.


Stage 5 is saving pure maidens from demons. Nobody even questions the existence of the “demons” or where they came from, of course. Do they not realize yet they’ve been taken to another world? I assume they have, anyway. Or else Paka can use magic or some shit. Anyway, the kids face the demons, and Karin gets taken away. Akatsuki went with them voluntarily because he didn’t want the easily frightened Karin to be alone. Now the other 7 kids must find and rescue them. It shouldn’t be hard to track them since Yuzu put a transmitter on Akatsuki.


The whole episode was funny and interesting, but I can’t think of much to say. I might be falling into another writing slump. I guess I’ll just note some character moments that I liked. For one thing, it’s hilarious how Himiko wants to nurture everything, frequently calling them “babies.” Even squishy, two-inch caterpillars and farm-raised green peppers are on the list of things that must be loved well.


Apparently, Zakuro is searching for his missing twin sister. Kaikoku continues questioning where they are and why a whole city was made just for a game. I love how Makino can charm people with his eyes. Akatsuki is really cute in the sacrificial robes. I might ship him with Anya. Obviously, they care about what happens to each other. There was even a really pretty insert song just for that one scene of Akatsuki bringing the sleep meds to the barn where Anya was taking shelter. Himiko x Zakuro would be cute as a ship, too.


This has been Anime Rants. It means a lot to me to have people reading my blog. So, Yonde kurete arigatou gozaimasu! (Thank you for reading!) Until next time, be well and safe!

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Images from: Nakanohito Genome (Jikkyouchuu). Dir. S Oonuma. Silver Link. 2019.

10 thoughts on “The Ones Within (Now Streaming) Episode 4 Review

  1. It is hard to write about this anime because so much of what happens only really makes sense in context so unless you want to unpack the episode step by step it is really hard to discuss. That said, I’m having fun with the show even if I still don’t really think I get where it is going with all of this.

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