The Ones Within Episode 7 Review

Welcome all readers! Thanks for visiting Anime Rants. Let’s rant about episode 7 of Nakanohito Genome, or The Ones Within!

The 7th Stage of the game is a scary, risky form of hide-and-seek. There are three rounds. First, the kids all hide in one of the eight rooms available. At the sound of a bell rung by Paka, three tall, creepy girls with weird mechanical headresses will come to search a room at random. If one of the three “sisters” finds you, you’re cursed with having your sight blocked off. If they find you twice, they’ll gauge out your eyeballs.

There is, however, a rescue rule, where a person who hasn’t been cursed can touch a cursed person and give them back their sight. The condition to win the game is end up with none of the eight kids cursed. Thanks to some very good strategies, plus luck, Akatsuki and his friends win the game. The viewcount rises to 36 million.

At one point, Kai went alone to hide in Yuzu’s room. There he found a photo of Akatsuki and Yuzu with their faces scribbled over in black ink/marker. That’s one mystery of this episode. Also in Yuzu’s room, we knew there were books about poisons, science, and genetics, but this time we saw something new: a book or a folder that said “New Version: 13th Avenue.” That could suggest a) Yuzu is the most knowledgeable about this game and situation, but is hiding the information, and /or b) Yuzu is actually the game master. Whatever it means, it gets you thinking.

This episode also cleared things up about Himiko. As I expected, she didn’t really kill her brother. Her brother was for some reason put up for adoption when she was born. Many years later, Himiko looked at the family registry and saw that her brother went missing from his adoptive parents and never showed up. After 7 years, he was declared dead. I bet her older brother is someone that we know, or someone who died in this alternate world in the previous run of The Ones Within game.

There were a few other mysteries and clues in this episode— plus a lot of amusing scenes– but I’m too tired to cover them all. Please do forgive my laziness today. At least I put some time and effort into what’s below: my guesses of the MBTI types of the characters.

An Early Look /Early Guesses At The Ones Within MBTI

Akatsuki Iride: ENFP
Anya Kudou: ISFP
Himiko Inaba: INFP
Kaikoku Onigasaki: ENFJ
Karin Sarayashiki: ISTJ
Makino Aikawa: INTP?
Yuzu Roromori: INTJ
Zakuro Oshigiri: INFJ

Thanks for reading this odd little episode review! Take care of yourself now! You’ll be alright if you imagine the adorable Makino giving you a loving hug!

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Images from: Nakanohito Genome (Jikkyouchuu). Dir. S Oonuma. Silver Link. 2019.

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