Nakanohito Genome/ The Ones Within: Episode 3 Review

Thank you for visiting Anime Rants today! Let’s Rant about Nakanohito Genome or The Ones Within episode 3! The next stage of the game is a fight with lives at stake!

While the others were playing stage 3 last episode, Onigasaki (the umbrella sword guy) wandered around with the intent of finding and killing Paka. Paka found him first, but still got clobbered once by Onigasaki, thanks to Zakuro helping him. Paka declared that, for their punishment, the next game would be Class S Difficult. The kids must now fight huge plant monsters with teeth and tentacles, called Mimicry Maneaters. The monsters’ designs are unoriginal and overused. Predictably, their special ability is to change form and mimic humans, luring them into a trap.

the ones within episode 3 karin
(Mimic Maneater as Karin)

I liked the art and visuals a lot more in this episode than the previous ones. There was more variety of effects, like changing colors, color filters/tones, and lighting. It all looks pretty damn good if you ask me. It’s great to hear Iwami Manaka playing Himiko, and Nazuka Kaori playing Roromori /Yuzu. The music and sound effects seemed good. And may I also just say that this anime, damn, it got some beautiful bishounen. ❤ And just a bit of bromance showed up on my fujoshi radar, too. I don’t know who is my favorite yet or who I ship.

the ones within episode 3 akatsuki

Character development and dynamics were pretty interesting. Himiko is still much scarier than she seemed early on. Akatsuki is a sweetheart and though it was annoying at first, his character is slowly growing on me. Kudou (Anya) has a sleep disorder and that made him much more interesting to me. And I was going to say “Roromori Yuzu remains mysterious, what with the way she knows everybody,” but she became much less mysterious in the middle of the episode. That is, we know more about her now. Like how she’s Akatsuki’s creepy stalker, and a user of poisons.

the ones within roromori yuzu

The Mimicry Maneaters stop functioning at sunset. This gives some time for the kids to think of a plan. With the poisons provided by Roromori, they are ready. They don’t even need to fight– just inject the roots with poison. It goes smoothly, so all the kids go to sleep. I sensed it was time for some Yuzu yandere scares. Soon I was right. The real Akatsuki takes Karin to the bathroom because she’s scared by herself, and a Mimicry Maneater takes the form of Akatsuki and heads to the men’s toilet. There, he/it is poisoned and killed by Roromori, but not before we got some intensely creepy lines and expressions from the twisted girl.

the ones within roromori yuzu yandere

There were two great things about that bathroom scene. First, it was handled beautifully, with the perfect atmosphere and depiction of suspense, tension, and a short-lived death scare. Viewers didn’t know for sure that the Akatsuki in the bathroom was a fake. I thought he was the real thing. So that was awesome. Second, in anime only, I do love my yanderes now and then. It turns out Roromori is a fantastic example. Though, I guess that depends on your definition. Anyway, the next day, the Mimicry Maneaters are all defeated, and the view count for The Ones Within rises to 7 million and change.

the ones within episode 3 yuzu yandere

With the action scenes, the suspense, the creepiness, and the introduction of a beautifully horrifying yandere, episode 3 was truly impressive. I’m curious to see what direction this show will take from here on. That’s all I have to say for this week’s Nakanohito Genome or The Ones Within. I really appreciate you reading this. Thank you! I know the busy week is starting again, but try to hang in there, and be safe! Bye now. 🙂

the ones within episode 3 himiko

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Images from: Nakanohito Genome (Jikkyouchuu). Dir. S Oonuma. Silver Link. 2019.

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