Thoughts On Upcoming Fall 2019 Season

Welcome to Anime Rants! This post will mostly be about anime shows of Fall 2019. Before that, however, I must get my thoughts in order for the remaining shows I need to watch and from summer 2019 and those I’d like to review.

Series Reviews for Given, Granbelm, Kanata no Astra, Lord El-Melloi II, The Ones Within, Carole and Tuesday, Fruits Basket, and Are You Lost will be published on this blog. However, those 8 reviews but may not appear anytime soon. I expect the earliest you’ll see is a review for Fruits Basket sometime in mid October. Others may not be published until the well into December.

(What?! It’s almost Fall already?!)

Summer 2019 Shows that I fell way behind on but plan to finish include: To The Forgotten Sacred Beasts, Oh Maidens In Your Savage Season, How Heavy Are The Dumbells You Lift, Demon Slayer, and maybe one other. Series Reviews for these 4 anime may not appear until late fall or winter, but I get impulsive and publish one or two of them early.

Now let’s move on to shows coming up in Fall ’19. This list doesn’t include OVAs or movies.

Africa no Salaryman

Estimated Air Date: Oct 7th

Watch Note: Binge Watch It All After Airing

Will I Write Episode Reviews: No.

Thoughts: None in particular.

Ascendance of a Bookworm

Estimated Air Date: October 3rd

Watch Note: Watch While It Airs

Will I Write Episode Reviews? Yes.

Thoughts: This sounds great! I’m disappointed the main character will be reincarnated as mere 5-year-old, though. If there’s any significant loli sexualization I’ll probably drop it. I have a friend who is a Librarian and I am thinking of that kind of job in the future as well.


Watch Note: Binge-Watch It All After Airing

Will I Write Episode Reviews? No.

Thoughts: MAL’s description makes it sound a bit boring, but I’m hoping it’s a decent thriller.


Watch Note: Undecided

Will I Write Episode Reviews? Undecided

Thoughts: I get all sorts of weird furry vibes from this. But I love humanoid animals in (non sexual) fiction. If there’s anything that weirds me out too much I’ll drop it.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 4

Watch Note: Watch As It Airs.

Will I Write Episode Reviews? No. I don’t feel qualified.

Thoughts: I’ve never been the biggest fan of this show. Plus, I was stoned stupid for a lot of the previous season, and it’s been what 3 years since I’ve seen the first season? That’s what I mean by not qualified for episode reviews. My best friend loves this show, though, so I plan to watch it once a week with him.

Fairy Gone 2nd Season

Watch Note: Watch As It Airs

Will I do Episode Reviews? Yes.

Thoughts: Hi, it’s the abnormal one here, and I love Fairy Gone. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s a solid 7-point-something out of 10. That qualifies as good. And as far as my personal enjoyment score, I’d put season 1 at 8/10. Needless to say, I’m pleased to see a second season.

Fate/Grand Order: Demonic Beasts Babylonia

Watch Type: Watch As It Airs

Will I Do Episode Reviews? Yes.

Thoughts: I do not know the story of Fate/Gran Order and have not seen any other productions focusing on it. Nevertheless, I do really enjoy the Fate franchise, and I would love to learn the story of the 7th Holy Grail War. I can figure out the details as I go along, either picking them up from the show, or looking at the Type Moon Wiki.

Psycho-Pass 3

Watch Type: Watch As It Airs

Will I Do Episode Reviews? Yes.

Thoughts: gl briosn yufbm hvjfdniesbf bgk!!!! I’m too excited about this to even type.

No Guns Life

Watch Type: Watch As It Airs, At Least to Episode 3.

Will I do Episode Reviews? Undecided.

Thoughts: WTF? His head is a gun. Without knowing anything else, I have to least check this out. I’m fascinated by most things bizarre and absurd.

Rifle is Beautiful

Watch Type: Binge Watch It All After Airing

Will I Write Episode Reviews? No.

Thoughts: I loved Survival Game Club, which has the exact same starting plot, so I bet this show will be enjoyable in similar ways.

XL Joushi

Watch Type: Watch As It Airs, At Least To Episode 3.

Will I Do Episode Reviews? Yes.

Thoughts: It’s not every day you see an ecchi aimed at Jousei (adult women). My interest is piqued. Although I typically do not think too highly of ecchi anime, if it has a gimmick I like or unusual starting starting concept I give it a shot. I want to expand my anime horizons by writing episode reviews for one ecchi or fanservice show each season.

(Continuing from Summer 2019)

Watch Type: Watch As It Airs

Will I Continue Episode Reviews? Yes.

Thoughts: We still don’t know how many episodes long this will be. So far the series is looking like a 6/10 deal with my enjoyment at 5/10, but I’m still sticking to writing episode reviews.

Dr. Stone
(Continued from Summer 2019)

Watch Type: Watch As It Airs

Will I continue Episode Reviews? Yes.

Thoughts: I’m loving this show so far so of course I’ll continue with it.

If there are second seasons in the fall for anime like Granbelm,The Ones Within, or Astra Lost in Space, I will watch those as well and continue my episodes reviews. (Most likely, second seasons of those shows will take at least another few months to prepare.) There are also shows that I may have missed that I can pick up if they are of interest as Fall continues. And Finally, there might be others that someone convinces me to watch, like Tokunana: Special 7.

Projected Schedule for Episode Reviews:

Psycho Pass 3: Unknown
No Guns Life: Unknown
Fairy Gone 2nd Season: Tuesdays
Babylon and Bem: Wednesdays
XL Joushi: Thursdays
Ascendance of A Bookworm: Fridays
Dr. Stone: Saturdays
Fate/Grand Order: Sundays

And that’s finally the end of this anime rant. Thanks for reading! *Gives shy Smile*


2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Upcoming Fall 2019 Season

  1. Africa no Salaryman looks all kind of problematic and I’m not just saying this on principle in my case, so I’ll leave it at that.

    I agree with you about Beastars. I’m not a fan of most things involving talking animals with the exception of Kimba the White Lion or Ernest & Celestine since so many movies or series can be total furry bait which skeeves me out.

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