Fruits Basket Review Episode 24

Welcome readers! I wrote this the night of the Friday it aired in my region, but the episode was one giant freakin’ spoiler, so I’ve waited just a few days longer to post it. I’m also going to have to keep my thoughts brief because I don’t feel up to going to great detail. Now then.

What the hell. I felt sour starting this episode because someone gave me a spoiler saying that Kyo has a third form. But it really didn’t matter that I had it spoiled for me, because I’m pretty sure I’d be just as shocked. I figured, idk, there would be a majestic lion or something that Akito or someone sealed away because of jealousy over its majesty. Nope, says Fruits Basket, it’s nothing like that. Kyo’s other form is a hideous monster, and it doesn’t seem like he has good control of it! Surprise! It sure threw me for a loop.

Anyway, all along in this series, the themes of accepting others in all their weirdness and/or brokenness has been prominent. I hear there will be one more episode of this season next week, but this episode would have also been a good final episode because that theme I mentioned is brought to its full potential here.

Kyo’s other form is that of a monster unlike any living thing on Earth. It’s extremely frightening and also apparently reeks. Who could accept such a strange creature? Well actually, I think a good deal of people would at least try. But still, only a very few people would come to accept Kyo as quickly and easily as Tohru did. And few would have tried to embrace it even after being badly scratched. Tohru’s got guts. She also beautifully delivered on the theme of accepting and loving others. She literally hugged the giant monster and calmed him with her words of genuine desire to be with him.

Yeah, now I see why the older version is considered a classic shoujo anime, and one of the best shoujo anime series in existence. It’s a great story, a bit like a beauty and the beast sort of tale. Now there are still many unanswered questions, especially about Akito. But even if we don’t see the answers in the next episode, I’m sure we’ll see them in the second season. I’m glad there’s more to come. Thank you for reading!

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(Images From: Fruits Basket. Dir. Y Ibata. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)

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