Konnichiwa and Arigatou!

Hello, this is Mono (7mononoke) at Anime Rants. Perhaps I’ve been long-forgotten by now. I took a hiatus for the winter months, tried to come back in February, and then ran into more trouble. So here I am again, having passed my one-year blogging anniversary. This time I’ll be more realistic with my attempt to get back into blogging. Don’t expect daily posts or consistent episode reviews for a while. For now there will be one or two posts a week, on good weeks.

Now I’ve got something I want to mention really quickly. This month it seems I am hitting around 1k views per day. Last month showed high traffic too. I may be working to try to monetize my blog now that I’ve reached this level. I want to thank all of my readers and fellow bloggers who helped me all the way. You guys are awesome.

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