Bem Episode 11 Review

Hi and welcome to Anime Rants! Bem is among the shows for which I am trying to finish up belated episode reviews. Let’s take a brief look at episode 11.

In terms of what happened, well, it’s simple enough. Bem was put on a biased trial for murders he didn’t commit, and convicted guilty. He is sentenced to death. This despite Sonia’s fervent defense of him in court. Meanwhile, Bela persists in her faith in her human friends, leading to almost getting caught when they call the cops on her. Turns out that Bela’s only human ally is that nerdy boy who follows her around. More on that shortly.

Belo, our skeptical youkai shouta, professes his distrust in humans and acts cool as a cucumber about it— that is, until Daryl comes in and shoots the human store owner who had won Belo’s fondness. Belo begs for humans to help his injured friend, but in so doing, reveals part of the monster form of his body. While this goes on, Vera maintains control of the city, and looks forward to seeing the humans react to Bem’s immortality.

Much like the previous episode, this installment focuses on human nature in its varied and inconsistent forms. Humans like a spectacle, as seen by the broadcast of Bem’s trial and the decision to have a public execution. As Sonia pointed out, humans want to protect themselves and so judge and divide each other. Humans can be faithful and loyal, as Belo’s friends from the arcade made clear. Humans can be admirable, as Bem sees them, as well as pathetic, as Vera sees them.

The best part of this episode is the brief scene where the nerd boy (I’m ToO LaZy To LoOk Up HiS nAmE) reacts to seeing Bela in youkai form. He falls backward from surprise, and then sits there sniveling instead of running away or making a bigger scene. When Bela asks him why he’s crying, the boy replies that it’s because Bela is so cool. This boy not only has a human crush on Bela’s human form, but in addition, he is fascinated and impressed by her powerful monster form. I just think this is a beautiful moment. ❤

Thanks so much for giving my post a read over. I appreciate it. Arigatou. Soushite ogenki de! (Thank you and take care!)


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