Carole and Tuesday Episode 24 Review

Welcome all she’s he’s and them’s to a much-belated post about Carole and Tuesday. Due to a long hiatus, I’m way behind on seasonal anime. But better late than never! Let’s take a look at the finale of this entertaining and touching show.

I was skeptical going into this episode, thinking it couldn’t really top what we’ve seen before, and the song won’t live up the hype. Well. That was wrong. I was crying my eyes out and sobbing during the 7-minute miracle performance. It had been several months since I’d cried like that.

some aspects of the final episode were not ideal. for example, it was kind of anticlimactic that Valerie dropped out of the race. Of course, I’m glad it worked out that way. The deal with Angela and Tao being genetically modified humans came out of nowhere and I felt that there was no real reason for it, nor any hints leading up to it.

The series is left a bit open-ended, with no way of knowing what would happen after the performance. Everyone could be arrested like Skip and there could be violence. Did the 7-minute miracle song really change the scene of the politics on Mars? Or will all these musicians become “martyrs” for the sake of free expression? We don’t know. A clearer ending might have been preferable to many, but I think I actually enjoyed this peculiar conclusion.

But the positives of this moving episode by far outweighed any little complaints. It was so good to see everyone come together, all those characters throughout the show. The song that they sung was shockingly beautiful, emotional, and full of the themes we’ve seen in this show lately. (Such as teamwork, freedom, creativity, and the concept of mothers.)

There are several messages in that song that we should be mindful of in reality. I may write a post about this topic at a later point. For now, this concludes my episode review. Before too long hopefully I will have a series review posted. Thank you so much for reading my work today. I am most grateful. May you impart your stories and messages to the chaotic world, be it through song, writing or other forms of art or communication. Sayonara.


2 thoughts on “Carole and Tuesday Episode 24 Review

  1. Carole & Tuesday was amazing. Their overall performances blew me away since I was really surprised hearing near-perfect English songs. Looking forward to your review!!

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