Fruits Basket S2 Episode 14 Review

Welcome to Anime Rants covering episode 14 of Fruits Basket Season 2!

After her grandfather fell over and strained his back, Tohru goes to visit him. Shigure, by the way, agreed to go with Tohru to the upcoming parent-teacher conference at school. It’s difficult for Tohru to hear her grandfather saying he wishes he could see his son and daughter-in-law, even if they were ghosts. Apparently Tohru’s mother also said she would do anything to see her deceased husband after his death.

Remembering those days of sadness and uncertainty made Tohru upset, so much so that she stumbled and fell her knees on the way home. Luckily, Kyo showed up. He had been acting distant with everyone, feeling down since his heartbreaking exchange with Kagura. Now, however, he seemed back to normal, and was happy to help Tohru get up and walk home with him.

While all this was happening, another story unfolded. Yuki recalled some old memories of Rin when she came along with Hatsuharu to visit him at Akito’s place. So at school, Yuki asked how Haru was doing, and he said he isn’t really sure. But it’s clear he was not over Rin yet. He wanted to know whether she really meant what she said when she broke up with him. So Yuki took action on his own and found Rin.

Yuki realized that Rin had been protecting Haru in her own way back in those days when he came to visit. Yuki asked Rin if the real reason for the breakup was her was trying to protect Haru from something. In response to Yuki’s questioning, Rin shouted and insulted at the boy. She also told him it was only thanks to Haru’s intervention that he was able to move in with Shigure. This hit Yuki pretty hard.

Then Hatsuharu showed up and confirmed that Rin was serious about not liking him anymore. Haru said “I should just die,” to catch her off guard, and then surprised everyone by kissing and holding Rin passionately. Rin slapped him good once she was free, running away quickly.

Haru told Yuki that although he appreciated the thought, he needed to deal with Rin on his own. Yuki has enough to deal with himself. Much like Ayame did, Haru points out Yuki’s weakness and gentleness. He isn’t being unkind. He’s simply saying that he admires Yuki’s caring and sensitive heart.

Other Thoughts

As a quick aside, I thought it was nice to see Kagura again briefly in this episode. Her line, “Having feelings for someone is so illogical,” resonated with me. In my life lately the world keeps slapping my face with the realization that my attachments make no sense and can’t be reasoned away.

In addition, the quick set of flashbacks of Tohru’s life after her father’s death was very revealing. I think that plays a huge role in what makes Tohru the way she is. Feeling emotionally shut out by her mother during that time, and having her father stolen away by sudden death, caused Tohru to become the extremely gracious, well-behaved, modest, and yet insecure person that we know.

Thank you for visiting Anime Rants today. I’m very appreciative. Enjoy your day!


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