RE: Zero Season 2 Episode 27 Review

Welcome! I really enjoyed this episode, and it felt like a lot happened. My thoughts are not so clear having not slept well for several days, so I will just be presenting an episode recap. My speculations and reactions can wait until I can think again. Also as a heads-up, my reviews for Deca-Dence and The God of High School will be delayed by a day or two this week. Anyway, let’s get started!

After saying their farewells to Crusch and her faction, Emilia and Subaru set off back to the village and Roswaal’s mansion. They’re surprised to see that Ram and Roswaal are not there to welcome them. Apparently, they are in a place called the Sanctuary. For the time being, Emilia and Subaru head to the mansion, with the unconscious Rem in tow. At the door, a half-beast girl named Frederica greets them. She was previously a maid for Roswaal, but took a personal leave. Recently, she returned at the request of Ram.

Subaru and Emilia are trying to figure out what Roswaal is doing and thinking. But not even Frederica knows. She says to ask the great spirit of the forbidden library, which is Beatrice, of course. Subaru has a talk with the powerful girl-like spirit, but she doesn’t know what Roswaal is planning, either. After Subaru shows the gospel of Sloth and explains that he killed Betelguese, Beatrice reacts strangely. She says “Guese,” sadly, and remarks that Subaru has left her behind. She also talks about Betelguese having a “witch factor.”

Subaru has no idea what the girl is talking about, but he asks for answers. Beatrice tells him to go the Sanctuary, using Frederica as a guide, to find answers. She then gets upset and angry, forcing Subaru out of the library with the beginnings of tears in her eyes.

Thanks to Emilia’s convincing, Frederica tells them how to get to the Sanctuary. She gives them a blue crystal pendant, gives the location, and adds that they should be wary of someone named Garfiel. They set off quickly, with Frederica staying behind, having told Otto the location. (Otto is the merchant/wagon-driver dude.) As audiences no doubt expected, however, something strange and ominous happens.

The blue crystal begins to glow brilliantly, and Subaru has a bad feeling about it. He prepares to throw it out the window, when Emilia suddenly collapses. Next thing Subaru knew, he was suddenly deep in the forest. He made it to an ancient, deserted building and entered. (On the way, he saw an Elf.) That’s when things became even stranger. Subaru again disappears and finds himself somewhere else. This time, he’s in a grassy field, next to a strange woman having tea at an outdoor tea table.

The woman has silver hair, pointed ears, and blackish-purple eyes. However, she doesn’t look like a half-elf as the witch of Envy is said to have. She introduces herself as Echidna, AKA the Witch of Greed. The episode breaks off here and we get to see and hear the awesome ending theme.

I’m excited to see what happens next! Thanks so much for reading and have a great day. 🙂

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