The God of High School Episode 3 Review

Welcome. I really don’t give a rat’s ass about this show, but there was nothing in it this week that really pissed me off. It mostly just bored me. Let’s go over a few things that happened.

Mira won her match against Wrestling Woman using magic moves that slice people with air. đŸ˜› As expected, the predictable Daewi has the noble and cliche goal of paying for his friend’s cancer treatments. Daewi wins his match against Glasses Boi, despite being stabbed 12 times and having his organs damaged. Do the nanomachines heal within seconds? Hmm.

Anyway, there’s some kind of cult at work in this world. We saw some of them at the beginning. Then later, a commissioner gives Mori some fruit from a sacred locked up place connected to the cult somehow. The fruit would kill a normal human, but someone with superpowers would survive and get a strength boost. Naturally, Mr. Main Character survived and got stronger.

Mori was told to beat the commissioner in a match in order to be reinstated in the tournaments. He easily beat the green haired commissioner. So the dude freaked out and unleashed some evil aura and a giant clown monster with a scythe. No, I’m not kidding. It actually happened. It’s weird how this show was marketed as martial arts, but is really a supernatural, superpower anime. The fights were kind of entertaining to watch.

Anyway, with Mori back in the tournament, things are looking good. But now the commissioners know that Mori is a special super powered existence, known as his famous grandfather’s tiger cub. *Rolls eyes.*

Since this episode didn’t piss me off like the previous, I guess I’ll keep doing episode reviews for now. That’s about all I have to say. Thanks for stopping by today at Anime Rants.

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