The God Of High School Episode 7 Review

Welcome, I have some bad news. I can’t take screenshots off of Crunchyroll anymore. So I’m forced to go to illegal venues, where taking screenshots is somewhat more difficult. Also I won’t be able to take the captions off like before, so most of my shots will have subtitles. Sorry for that. Anyway let’s move on to The God of Highschool episode 7.

Actually I’ve been in an awful mood, and can’t focus at all, but here are a couple of brief thoughts. This episode was visually pretty amazing. I liked all the fights but especially the commissioners versus those Nox agents. (The guy with green hair is Commissioner Q and the purplish-haired woman is Commissioner O.) Second best was the fight between Jangmi and Mira with their swords. It’s such a pity that I can’t get any good screenshots of the action.

There wasn’t much plot moving forward other than to note that Nox is trying to shut down God of Highschool and is getting bolder in its efforts. It’s likely that a traitor is among the commissioners. Also, the commissioners learned that Mori’s famous grandfather had likely been captured or killed. They only found his sliced-off arm.

By the way, Mira’s team won against the other three. After that, the tournament continues with three characters we don’t know or care about pitted against 3 more characters we don’t know or care about. Basically, a blue-haired dude with shark powers owns the match. He seems to be a real sexist jerk. I didn’t catch his name. Also let me note how ridiculously stupid it is that the green-haired kid got chewed up by a shark but then magically only had one wound in the next scene. Minor as it may seem, that took a lot away from the episode for me. If you’re going to have violent scenes then at least keep them consistent, jfc.

One last thing to note that helped me like the episode though. I liked Pum Kwan a lot. (Was that his name?) The older fighter who went back to highschool as an adult after quitting during his teens. I felt empathy for this character and I felt encouraged by how he is changing his life. Maybe it sounds simple to some people, but it hit home for me when he said, “It was all because of one thing: I’d given up on myself.” I hope I can be someone like this man who is able to keep trying to believe in himself and pursue his education.

Thanks for reading and have a good one! See ya!


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One thought on “The God Of High School Episode 7 Review

  1. Right? There wasn’t enough blood in the scene! That was ridiculous. It should’ve been something gory for all the chewing that happened. Also, the animation of the “super moves” (y’know the black tortoise and stuff) was kinda disappointing. It had a much more impact on the manhwa, if I remember it right.

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