Fruits Basket 2nd Season Episode 25 Review

It’s time for the season finale of Fruits Basket!

While I wasn’t in any way displeased with the episode, it didn’t blow me away as much as I was expecting. There were surprises. But compared to the ending of season one, it seems like a smaller development in the story of Tohru. Usually, if an anime continues to a third season, then the end of a second season is stronger, to keep people interested. But then again, I suppose it still succeeded, since I am still interested and wish to see the continuation as soon as possible. Anyway, here’s what happened and some of my thoughts.

Tohru is happy to hear that Momiji delivered the DVD to Kureno. As for the mysterious man in question, he is shown comforting Akito quite intimately. But he also seems detached, somehow. Akito is clearly very attached to Kureno. Meanwhile, Shigure and Hatori discuss Akito and Kureno, but it’s too vague to make sense of until you know the truth. However, this conversation reveals some things about Shigure, like his bitterness that Kureno is the favorite rather than him. Also, Shigure’s keen intuition is shown by the fact that he suspects the truth about Kureno.

After Kureno watches the DVD of the school play, he leaves Akito while he sleeps. It’s the first time he’s ever done this. He calls Shigure on the phone and tells him the truth. In turn, Shigure tells Kureno where Tohru is headed so the two of them will meet up. Tohru senses immediately that something is “off” when she meets Kureno. She’s puzzled and surprised, but even more when Kureno hugs her– and doesn’t transform.

Kureno explains that his curse broke suddenly years earlier. He doesn’t know how or why it broke, but his forced bond to Akito ceased to exist, and the rooster spirit left his body. Akito sensed the break as well and completely broke down. With Akito crying on him, acting so vulnerable, and begging not to be abandoned, Kureno made a choice. He would stay by Akito’s side forever. With or without the supernatural bond, an emotional one remained. Kureno’s choice was also influenced by the feeling that his sudden freedom was unfair.

Back in the present, Tohru can tell Kureno is losing his cool. He says he won’t meet with Arisa ever again, but tears come to his eyes as he says it. Kureno’s overwhelming inner conflict becomes clear to the audience as well as to Tohru and the man himself. He wants to see Arisa and indeed feels like he has fallen for her. However, even now, he cannot abandon Akito. I really felt for this character and his dilemma. Kureno restates to Tohru that he could never leave Akito, that fragile and sorrowful girl.

Hold up.



Yes, the final reveal of the episode was Akito’s sex. To be honest, a part of me did wonder if Akito was a girl, but for the most part, I dismissed it because Akito’s speech and way of referring to herself was traditionally masculine. I suspect that Akito was more or less forced to fake her gender because it’s tradition for only males to inherit the Sohma family. There could be a lot of depth to this development as far as its part in making Akito’s mind so twisted.

I really am excited to see what happens next. If Tohru can figure out how Kureno’s curse was broken, she can potentially free Kyo and the other Sohmas from their bound fate. I look forward to a third season of Fruits Basket. Expect a review of season 2 in the next few weeks. Thank you so much for visiting and reading! Enjoy your day. 🙂


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