Re: Zero Episode 37 (2nd Season Episode 12) Review

Hi there and welcome! Finally, we got an episode of Re: Zero that was easy for me to keep up with. It didn’t feel as cramped as the last 2 or 3 episodes. Let;s go over what happened.

After he wakes up in the Sanctuary and comforts Emilia, Subaru decides to go take the next trial himself. This trial focuses on the present. Subaru is shown scenes from the worlds wherein he died, unwittingly leaving the others alone and in grief. I’ve always thought this was the case. But for Subaru, it’s a new and horrifying revelation. The continued glimpses of those past worlds starts to break his mind and spirit.

Suddenly, Rem shows up. She comforts Subaru and tells him to entrust everything to her and just rest. As the maid leans in to kiss him, Subaru realizes this is unlike the Rem he knows. He detects that she’s a fraud. Sure enough, it was actually the Witch of Lust disguised as Rem at the order of Echidna. Subaru and the witch (who is remarkably cute) are then transported to the green field where Echidna is waiting at her tea table.

The Witch of Greed explains that she created the fake Rem scenario to pull Subaru out of the second trial, which would have destroyed his sanity. Echidna then proposes the idea of making a magical contract with Subaru. She would offer her aid and knowledge to him whenever he was stuck in a loop he couldn’t fix. It sounds like a good deal, but Subaru didn’t bother to ask what the payment would be.

Luckily, the Witch of Wrath intervenes before the contract is made. She warns Subaru against it and urges him to ask what the cost would be. Echidna explains that she wants a taste of everything Subaru’s existence and experiences can offer. Other witches begin to show up too. Nearly all of them are present. It was great hearing them because I know several of the sieyuu playing these characters.

Echidna enters a long speech about how wonderful it would be to contract with Subaru. She’s excited and greedy about all the knowledge she can learn and the power she could share with Subaru. But Subaru is put off by the prospect of being used. He finally cuts to the chase and asks about what’s really on his mind: Beatrice. Echidna says she was involved in Beatrice’s birth and that she did indeed contract with her to make her tend the Forbidden Library.

When asked, Echidna reveals that she has no idea who the special person is who was supposed to free Beatrice from her contract. She expected Beatrice to choose. But instead, the spirit girl agonized in loneliness for centuries, waiting for the person she thought was predestined to save her. Echidna calls this sad outcome beautiful. This angers Subaru, and he refuses the contract, calling the Witch a monster who cannot understand others’ feelings.

Just then, the final guest arrives: the Witch of Envy, Satella. All the other Witches are shocked an terrified. That’s where the episode leaves off. It’s a nice build-up to episode 13 next week. I look forward to learning more about the Witches. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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