The God Of Highschool Episode 13 Review

Note: So as not to break my streak on WordPress of posting each day, the first draft you see here does not contain any screenshots. There isn’t enough time. However, I will collect some from this episode at a later time, and update the post. Thanks.

Welcome! Here is a brief review of events in the final episode of GOH. It seems that everything has turned into a wasteland barren of all life or structures, except for the dead god that Jeason shot down. The one with the Key’s power is Jegal, and he’s now insanely powerful. Mori and company try to fight him, but they are losing badly. Daewi is badly wounded from taking a stab in the back to protect Mira and Mori.

The tide turns abruptly after Mori awakens to his true power. Memories of another life fill his head. A glowing crown appeared over his head, and his eyes become blue. Some of the older Charyeok users are watching, and they are shocked. They call Mori “seiten taisei,” but I had no idea what that meant until I looked it up. It’s one of many variants of Wukong the Monkey King, a key figure in Asian legends. He fights with a staff that looks like a silver pole, and has command over wind, clouds, storms, and lightning. With these powers, Mori subdues Jegal.

Unlike the Charyeok users who borrow power from gods an legendary figures, Mori is actually the incarnation of the Monkey King. He is a god in the flesh, and thus more powerful than any Charyeok user. But Mori’s control over this power is fickle. When Jegal rises again to fight with a new, monstrous body, Mori cannot summon his staff or move the clouds. That’s when Ilpyo shows up and tells him that he needs to rely on his friends more.

Mori is glad to do so. He fights with Mira, Daewi, and Ilpyo at his side. They all use the best of their powers. As fitting for the Monkey King, Mori turns Jegal into stone, finishing him off with a blue dragon attack. When the smoke clears, only half of Jegal’s body is left. He’s being swallowe up by the monster attached to him. Ilpyo extends a hand to help, having mercy for the deafeated enemy. However, Jegal bitterly pulls his hand away. He would rather die than admit defeat. So he fades away, and the grand battle is finally over.

Having been woken from the Holy Realm, a strange woman addresses the teenagers. She says that the God of Highschool Tournament is complete, and Mori may have any one wish granted. She calls herself Kim Ungnyeon, the progenitor of the human race. Now, I didn’t catch this at all, but somewhere in this mess, Mori’s grandfather got here, but seems to be dead now. I really must have missed something. Anyway, Mori wants to bring his beloved grandpa back to life, but Kim says this is the one thing she cannot do.

So Mori instead wishes for everyone there to be fully physically restored. Seungah or whatever her name is got her leg back. Her sister’s broken knee was healed. Ilpyo’s remaining wounds were healed, and his other friend got his arm back. Daewi is restored as well. Humorously, Kim shrinks after using her great power. Now chibi-size, she tells Mori that his grandfather is still, just barely, alive. Immediately after hearing that wonderful news, the exhasuted boy flops over and falls into a deep sleep.

The ending of the episode shows Mori waking up from his three-month-long sleep and reuniting with Mira and Daewi. Meanwhile, Mujin Park is planning to take over the country. His goals are unclear. Also, Nox is still active, and they may be after the presidency as well. They rush in a little more information about how Mori’s memories of being Monkey King are sealed, and Ilpyo’s Key power is one that allows a human to kill a god. The next goal for Mori and his friends is to go to the homeland of the Monkey King and learn more. Mori expresses his intent once again to find his grandfather. It’s unclear what happened to him.

This is the end of The God of Highschool, though I suspect there will be a second season sooner or later. My opinion of the show is that it’s entertaining and has some great fight scenes, but with the weak plot, poor exposition, and underdeveloped characters, it’s not what I consider “good.” I’ll write out more of my thoughts in my series review, whenever I get around to it. An that wraps it up for today. Thanks for reading!


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