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Thanks for stopping by today! Here we have listed the characters from Shiki (Corpse Demons) and their MBTI types. More and more people are interested in MBTI typing of anime characters, so there are increasingly more sites where you can find good opinions besides here. But unlike the majority of those, I like to include my personal notes with each entry, as well as explaining why my opinion my differ from the most popular ones online. I’m very open to friendly debate and discussion, but please be polite and calm. Let’s get started.

Akira Tanaka: ENFP (The Inspirer)

Akira is the younger brother of Kaori and one of the first to catch on to the fact that something is amiss in the village and with regards to the Kirishiki family. Akira is optimistic, energetic, and highly intuitive about things. It’s this trait and his lack of sensible practicality that makes me believe his dominant function is Ne. Driven by his values and to fight for his family and his town, the boy is more of a Feeler than a Thinker. He’s spontaneous and adaptable, suggesting P over J. So it’s obvious to me that this brave kid is an ENFP.

Atsushi Ookawa: Unknown

Atsushi is the son of Tomio, a strong and reliable old member of the village. He is not treated well by his father, being yelled at and sometimes struck for slacking off or doing things wrong around their family business. Atsushi became a shiki but not much is known about him other than this. We do see him once or twice cruising around at night in a truck and apparently having the time of his life. Most likely, he’s happy to be free from his father, who is possibly the worst character in the anime, in my opinion. Since he loves his freedom and risk-taking, it’s possible that Atsushi would be an ESTP type.

Chizuru Kirishiki: ESFP (The Performer)

You’ll no doubt notice that there is an abundance of the ESFP personality type in Shiki. This type is sometimes called the performer or the entertainer, because they love the spotlight, are very extroverted, and have great skill with presenting themselves fashionably. They often have a fine tastes and love sensory experiences, craving stimulation or adventure. The functions for this type are Se Fi Te Ni. This fits well for Chizuru, the beautiful and graceful lady of the Kirishiki family.

Ikumi Itou: Unknown

Itou-san is the old woman who believes she is psychic and spiritually gifted, and at one point even had a small cult following. She rightfully predicts that the Kirishiki family has something to do with all the recent deaths. Guessing her type is difficult because of her emotional and menal issues, which by the way, were partly brought on by the way the village ostracized her. ISFP is one possibility, but I couldn’t give a solid guess.

Kaori Tanaka: ISFJ (The Nurturer)

Kaori is a gentle and timid village girl who tried to be good friends with Megumi. Despite being treated unkindly by the girl, Kaori grieved Megumi’s death. This innocent maiden becomes highly afraid of the happenings in the village. But nevertheless, she joins her little brother Akira on his escapades to try to prove the truth. Kaori is definitely an introvert, and her loyalty, common sense, and dedication suggest she is an SJ type. I believe ISFJ is the only real contender for a personality like that of Kaori.

Kyouko Ozaki: ESFP (The Performer)

Another ESFP, Kyouko is the ex-wife of Dr. Ozaki, and the anime suggests that she was the one who left him. She isn’t too well-liked by the older village members due to her indepedent attitude and style of fashion. Kyouko needs freedom and adventure– more than the tiny rural village can offer. She occasionally comes back to visit Ozaki, and it is on one such occasion that she is attacked by the Shiki. She becomes the victim of cruel experiments by her own husband.

Masao Murasako: ISFP (The Independent)

Masao is similar to Itou-san in that it’s difficult to get a clear idea of his type because of underlying issues. Almost certainly a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Masao has some problematic behaviors and typically doesn’t understand why they are maladaptive. It doesn’t help that this family has no idea what to do with him and isn’t supportive. All that aside, the best choice for Masao’s type is probably ISFP. He is definitely strongly Feeling and Sensing. I think Fi would place as his dominant function rather than Se; therefore ISFP makes sense.

Megumi Shimizu: ESFP (The Performer)

Megumi can be considered a turbulent-type ESFP; that is, one with personal instability and a tendency toward the negative traits of that type. However, I think it’s normal for a teenage girl in a small town to have these issues, especially an adventurous ESFP with a taste for fine things. You see, Megumi wants to go live in the city as soon as possible, rejecting the village and its stifling traditions and judgemental people. She is also unhealthily obsessed with the boy she likes. It sounds very much like she is a turbulent ESFP.

Nao Yasumori: Unknown

Nao was one of the earlier victims of the shiki, and is trying to turn her mother into one of them as well. She and several other shiki raid Dr. Ozaki’s clinic to get to Nao’s mother. Nao is an important part of Shiki because she exemplifies the grief, loneliness, and desperation of being a shiki. She, like so many others, only want to be reuinted with their loved ones. As for her MBTI type, it’s difficult to guess. There are only a few scenes with Nao. INFP is a possibility.

Ritsuko Kunihiro: ESFJ (The Caregiver)

Ritsuko is one of the nurses for Dr. Ozaki and one of the most caring characters in Shiki. She is a great example of an ESFJ. This type is people-oriented, practical, and naturally caring, with excellent practical skills. It makes sense that ESFJ would make a terrific nurse, since what they value most is taking care of people. Unlike the ESFP, their dominant function is extroverted feeling rather than sensing. One of the most touching parts of Shiki is when Ritsuko becomes a shiki and refuses to drink a human’s blood at the risk of her own life.

Seishin Muroi: INFJ (The Advocate)

Muroi is my favorite character in Shiki and one of my top favorite male characters in anime. I admire his choices in Shiki. Seishin is thoughtful, insightful, creative, and kind, with a firm set of morals and the simultaneous desires to help others and achieve their own true dream. These traits are typical of an INFJ. Most characters of this type have a strong driving cause, and this is needed for the INFJ type to be happiest and most productive. But Muroi is, for much of the series, wandering in a state of trying to find himself amidst depression and disappointment with life. It isn’t until the end of the series that he finds his destiny, and it is not an easy one. But life is never really easy for the INFJ.

Seishiro Kirishiki: Unknown

This is the head of the Kirishiki family, at least on the outside. (Sunako typically calls the shots.) I don’t remember as many of his scenes, so I’m not sure of his type at present. Extroverted sensing is likely, however, due to his social charm, practicality, taste for fine things, and action-oriented nature. My guess would be ESFP or ESTP.

Sunako Kirishiki: INFP (The Idealist)

Sunako the shiki is, not surprisingly, my second favorite character. She is mysterious, soft-spoken, contemplative, and surprisingly sensitive. Despite seeming cool and detached at some points, Sunako is driven by her emotions, her inner desires, and values. She is deeply lonely, and wishes to create more of her kind. In addition, Sunako is a spiritual person who never stopped believing in a god even though vampires are cursed and unholy. Her dominant function would have to be Fi. This girl is definitely intuitive rather than sensing, preferring discussion and knowledge over action and practicality. With Feeling and Intuition dominant, it’s likely that Sunako would be INFP.

Tatsumi: ESTP (The Doer)

Tatsumi is a special type of shiki with extra powers, sometimes called a werewolf. He serves the Kirishiki family and is powerfully loyal to Sunako. Although he’s following her basic idea to make more shiki, Tatsumi makes most of the plans himself and likes to call the shots. This strong shiki can be charming and has a certain kind of charisma. He’s also incredibly stubborn and aggressive toward threats and disloyal shiki. I believe he would be an SP type. Since he’s more logical than emotional, and seems extroverted, ESTP is the best choice.

Tohru Mutou: ENFJ (The Hero)

Besides Ristuko, Tohru is probably the most compassionate character in the anime. He’s a village boy who has kindness and energy to spare for everyone. Tohru is most focused on the external world and people with whom he can connect. His primary function is probably extroverted feeling, making him either ESFJ or ENFJ. In my opinion, this young man is slightly more intuitive than sensing. That is, he is more of an idea person than a practical one, and more thoughtful than action-oriented. So ENFJ seems to be the best fit for Tohru.

Tomio Ookawa: ESTJ (The Supervisor)

Even though I despise this character with a fiery passion, I still have to give him a fair analysis of personality type. Tomio is most focused on the ouside world, using hard logic in place of ethical considerations, with a need to supervise and direct others. He dislikes theoreticals and new ideas, instead valuing reality, tradition, and good order. Running a family business and being a key figure in the small village, Tomio is organized and efficient in all that he does. This describes the ESTJ quite well. The dominant function is extroverted thinking and the secondary is introverted sensing. Now, ESTJs can be good people like any of the types, but it’s my strong opinion that Tomio is much more of a monster than many of the shikis in this anime.

Toshio Ozaki: ENTJ (The Commander)

Toshio is sometimes considered the main protagonist of Shiki, and is a fascinating character even though I disagree with his choices. The ENTJ, at least in fiction, has a reputation of being villainous depending on perspective. They are natural, bold leaders driven to achieve results, and unafraid of using unethical means to secure the goal. This is a good fit for Dr. Ozaki, who is utterly merciless in his investigation and following extermination of the shiki. He seems heartless, but he does care about the “greater good” of saving the village. Thanks to Dr. Ozaki, almost every shiki in the village was eradicated.

Yuuki Natsuno: INTJ (The Strategist)

Yuuki is another main character in Shiki, and one with a highly interesting story. I don’t like the way he goes out in the end, but I suppose that’s one way to deal with the horror of becoming a shiki as well as having revenge. Anyway, this young man is taciturn, a bit short-tempered, and prefers to keep to himself. He is forward-thinking, intelligent, logical, and organized in his daily life. This sounds like the INTJ type. I think that’s the best fit for Yuuki, especially during the last few episodes when he works together with Dr. Ozaki for a brilliant plan to expose the shiki.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy your day. Comment if you have thoughts to share!


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