Madoka Magica MBTI

Welcome to another Anime Rant! I’m examining the MBTI types of Madoka Magica characters! This time, I’ll practice using the cognitive functions more than the letter method. Both are equally valid. I encourage conversation and welcome friendly debate, but if you’re rude about your disagreements, don’t expect the comment to be approved. The characters listed here are only from the Madoka Magica anime series and movies. However, in the future, I may include characters from the Madoka Magica Side Story. Alright, let’s get started.

Edit Note #1: Changes were made to some existing entries. Hitomi was changed from ESFJ to ISFJ. Homura was changed from INTJ to INFJ. Kyoko was changed from ENTP to ESTP.

Edit Note #2: Minor supporting characters were added such as Madoka’s dad

Hitomi Shizuka: ISFJ

Note: this entry is currently being edited

The ESFJ’s dominant function is Fe, meaning they interact with the world in keeping with their feelings. The secondary function is Si, meaning they must live in keeping with their practical, concrete inner selves. ESFJs are my least favorite type to deal with, but there’s no denying they are extremely loving and caring. Their intense need to care for others is sometimes astonishing. But the ESFJ is also a bit too concerned with social status, propriety, and reputation. They can become self-righteous or emotional when criticized or looked down upon. I think Hitomi could also be said to be ISFJ, but her boldness in confronting Sayaka about Kamijou shows a level of confidence and ability to express oneself that is more extroverted in nature.

Homura Akemi: INFJ

Note: this entry is currently being edited

There’s a lot of debate over Homura’s type, which is understandable since she’s often emotionally or mentally unstable. I’ve heard ISFJ, INFJ, and INTJ for Homura, and I lean towards INTJ. They are known as Strategists and Masterminds, with amazing long-range thought and planning, and incredible resolve to turn an idea into a reality by any means necessary. Ni and Te are the two forefront cognitive functions for INTJ. This means that their inner world and views revolve around intuition and possibilities, and they interact with the outer world using logical thought and decisions. Homura may actually be more of an INFJ if not for her years of terrible experiences trying to save Madoka from death and despair. That’s just my two cents.

Junko Kaname: ENFJ

Junko is Madoka’s mother and she strikes me most as the ENFJ type, known as Givers and Protagonists. Her dominant functions in that would be Fe (extroverted feeling) and Ni (introverted intuition). Junko is an excellent role model and I admire her immensely.

Kazuko Saotome: ESFP?

Madoka’s homeroom teacher.

Kamijou Kyousuke: ISFP?

This is a case where limited information makes it hard to come up with a good guess of character type. Still, I think I would call Kamijou an ISFP. He’s quiet, hard to understand, and keenly in tune with his senses, with an immense appreciation for art/music. He’s also caring and considerate in general, though not one to be boxed in. The ISFP is known as the artist, the adventurer, or the independent. Primary function is Fi and secondary is Se.

Kyoko Sakura: ESTP

Note: this entry is currently being edited

Kyoko has always struck me as either an ESTP or an ENTP. However, like most of these characters, I believe she is more intuitive than sensing. ENTPs are known as debaters and visionaries. They can be insensitive, but are also confident, adaptable, usually skilled in many areas, and love to “win.” Debaters are also mentally quick, as well as being a bit trollish. It all sounds like Kyoko if you ask me.

Kyubey: N/A

I’m not spending much time on trying to type Kyubey given that his species possesses no emotions or individuality. If this creature did have a type, it would probably be something with a dominant Te function, such as an ENTJ.

Madoka Kaname: INFP

INFPs are known as idealists, dreamers, or mediators. their dominant function is introverted feeling, meaning they must always be in harmony with their inner values and ideals. The secondary function is Ne, meaning they use intuition to interact with the world outside themselves. An INFP is quiet, loving, idealistic, and wants everything to be in harmony. However, they are easily distressed, and their natural optimism can fade from too much stress. Madoka is a very timid INFP for most of the series, and hesitant to commit, a struggle for many INFPs.

Mami Tomoe: ESFJ

Like Hitomi, Mami is an ESFJ, the type known as consuls or caregivers. Mami exemplifies magnificently the altruistic nature, grace, and pose of a confident ESFJ. She’s used to hardship and can act tough compared to the average person of her type. In a way, she’s wise. But like most ESFJs, she’s also surprisingly vulnerable, longing more than anything for someone to trust, rely on, and take care of. In one time line, her happiness from being validated by Madoka led to a moment of carelessness. And then her death. ESFJs are also prone to love “nice things” and sensory experiences– in Mami’s case, tea, cakes, hair treatments, and luxurious living space.

Nagisa Momoe (AKA Witch Charlotte): INFP?

It’s hard to know from the limited character information in Rebellion, and I have yet to watch all of Magia Record. But my guess is that Nagisa would be an INFP. She’s gentle and just wants everyone to get along.

Sayaka Miki: ENFP

I actually wrote a post about how Sayaka is an ENFP and not an ESFP. If you look at the dominant cognitive functions, it’s pretty clear. ESFP’s function is Se, meaning that they interact with the world based on their senses. ENFP’s function, on the other hand, is Ne; they interact with the world based on their iNtuition. The ENFP is known as the campaigner or the champion. They are extremely lively, excitable, caring, and a bit air-headed. Sayaka became mentally unstable due to severe trauma, but in general, ENFPs aren’t any more likely to go nuts than other types. Given enough pressure, people just break, period.

Tomohisa Kaname: ISFJ

Madoka’s father.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on the MBTI types of characters in Madoka Magica! Thanks a bunch for reading!


13 thoughts on “Madoka Magica MBTI

  1. I think I vary in type depending on situations but predominantly am INFP
    ( I 55% likely, N 60% likely F 75% and P 51% likely) In reality I think I am way more I , but simply having friends counts towards E in most tests and I speak my mind.

    I am less definable than most who took this test with me though! But I am happy my personality is colour coded pink in this show xD, I do relate to Madoka the most.
    Most of my friends are predominantly infp’s as well, though I am really drawn in to ESFP’s as well. Mami s my favourite Madoka char though.

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