The God of High School Episode 5 Review

Anime Rants ni Youkoso! (Welcome to Anime Rants!) Today I’m giving a few of my thoughts on episode 5 of GOH. Ready, set, RANT!

In this episode, after beating another contestant, Daewi is all set to fight Mori. Daewi’s friend is still alive, but barely. The fight between the young men lasts most of the episode. Mori is determined to make his opponent pay for beating Mira so badly. (Mira, by the way, had her life saved by the nanomachines, and is very gracious about her loss.)

At first, the boys seem evenly matched. But time shows that Daewi is a little stronger, and he nearly wins. The match is interrupted when someone brings news that Daewi’s friend has just passed away. Daewi seems defeated and ready to give up. Then Mira appears and gives him a letter containing the friend’s last words. It says Daewi should fight for himself. So the fight resumes with both Daewi and Mori giving it their all. In the end, victory goes to Mori.

Bottom line, this isn’t ever going to be a show I hold in very high regard. It’s just not my genre. And in some ways, it’s less than impressive. That being said, it’s also not a bad series so far. In particular, this episode showed some highly exciting and well-animated fight scenes. I also noticed that the instrumental music scores were enjoyable and appropriately emotional.

The main problem with this episode for me is that I have very little attachment to the characters. I couldn’t really feel emotional about their respective issues because I’ve only known them for five episodes and the character development within those has been so scarce. On a similar note, it’s a little bit hard to believe that Mori and Mira became such good friends in such little time, with the episodes showing only the bare minimum of their growing attachments.

Another problem with the series is that there’s not much plot. Sure, there is some story going on in the background– something about Japan being controlled by a cult with superpowers behind the scenes, and Mori having the same power. Other than that, the only story is “person beats up other person.” The lack of story is more pronounced in shows like this where character development and writing hasn’t been great.

That’s about it for today. I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to read my work. It means a lot. Have a wonderful day.


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