Fruits Basket S2 Episode 18

This episode was the most intense we’ve seen in a few weeks, and there’s a lot to cover. I’ll hit the major points of what we learned about Rin, and give my thoughts. Here goes.

Rin thought her life was perfect and happy because her parents acted happy all the time. It was so odd that even at a young age, Rin could tell something was “off.” But when she asked about it, her parents became hysterical. They yelled, threw things, and it’s implied that they injured her. This led to a confrontation where the parents rejected Rin, saying they do not want her or love her. So Rin is set to live at Kagura’s house.

It was a little difficult to believe the depth and color of hatred that Rin’s parents felt. But I suppose I can suspend my disbelief since we were told early on that Zodiac members’ parents often reject them. Anyway, Rin was only saved from despair by Haru. They met often. Sometime in their middle school years, they started dating, keeping it secret from Akito. Inevitably, however, that little demon found them out, and confronted Rin.

Akito terrified and emotionally tormented Rin, who took the blame for “seducing” Haru. That was also when he pushed her out a window. The scar on Rin is from the way she landed on a rock. This is the most violent we’ve seen Akito, and of course it was shocking and maddening. This incident happened relatively recently, because just afterward, in the hospital, Rin dumped Haru. She did it to try to protect him Akito’s rage.

Rin had already been scared of Akito, so imagine how she’s feeling at this point of the story. I’m still not exactly sure why she keeps getting sick and fainting, but it could be complications from her fall that weren’t treated because she ran away from the hospital. After this, Rin tried everything to find information on the curse and how it might be broken. Shigure declined to answer her questions clearly when they talked in an earlier episode. But Rin came to see Shigure again, to ask questions, and to look for clues.

Shigure’s house was empty, and Rin collapsed in the living room. Tohru was the first to arrive home. Simply seeing Tohru’s silhouette looking down at her made Rin go into a panic. It reminded her of her mom. The panic attack was painful to watch, as the girl cried to be please not be yelled at. Tohru, naturally, embraces Rin and holds her. Later, we see Tohru sitting by a bed where Rin is sleeping. Hopefully, we’ll learn more next episode.

I was wondering for a while what Rin had been up to, but the whole time, she was looking for clues about the curse, while watching Haru from afar. I didn’t dislike Rin at all, but after this explanatory episode, I appreciate her character so much more. Thanks for stopping by and giving my work a read through. It means a lot. Be safe my friends.


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